The Ironman in 2019 thread



Those are some sweet numbers! Well done at Waco.

Run is also my weakest discipline, I’m going to focus on consistency over intensity this time around and see if that bears fruit.

I’m into week 3 if the FD Mid Base and already, today felt a slight niggle in my left knee during my first hill run in ages, despite reigning back the effort. I over did it in Week 2 with RPE 6-7 sessions instead of 2-4(!). Schoolboy error: never expect to come back and run at the distance and pace you left off at.


Good luck!

And nice race photos, you look pretty comfortable on the finish straight, I suspect you’ll be the same at Chattanooga :smile:



Any of you use or consider using whey protein supplements? I’ve never really consumed enough meat and fish in the past to hit the recommended intake, but the price of whey protein is a bit discouraging.

Nearly st the end of week 3 Base and introduced light weights for the first time, hence the particular concern on protein.


Where are you based Joe? offer whey protein and always have good discounts too



I bulk buy protein powder, maltodextrin, glutamine, beta alanine and sucralose from wherever is cheapest, usually myprotein, and make my own recovery drinks. Their flavdrops are pretty good too.

In terms of price it might seem expensive but its pretty much the cheapest form of protein you can buy especially if you bulk buy the unflavoured stuff.


What type of weekly TSS are you HIM peeps working at?


Just finished a 4x 70.3 season (HIM Texas, Buffalo Springs, New Orleans, and Waco). Taking this week “off” and then starting training for 2019 - 2 70.3s and a full.


UK, thanks for the link - 5kg chocolate nut should last a while I suppose.

I found some rice protein is going cheap at Wiggle might give that a go as well.

You guys mix it with water or milk?


I buy the unflavoured and use soya milk


i use just water with some of the flavouring drops


Hi All,

Hoping to complete IM Wales in Sept next year, at present only completed 2 sprint distances and not ran longer than 5km. I am a confident swimmer and biker with my running being my weakest by a country mile. Planning on following the Full Distance low volume which is planned to start Mid February, in the mean time I will be working through traditional base, swimming twice a week and gently working my running distance up. Need to shift a few pounds also but hoping this will be a by product of my training and healthy eating.


That’s a great plan! I am doing a very similar approach to the plan before the plan and it works nicely!


You picked a nice easy one to start with then :grinning:


Haha yeah I do like a challenge :see_no_evil:


So…how are we all doing?

As always, “life has got in the way”, trips abroad, babysitting, birthday parties…I’ve been stretching the Calendar feature to its limits! Still lots of missed sessions unfortunately.

Week #5 Struggling to get in my lunchtime run today, and will need to do a bike session after work. Not feeling the love right now(!). 10k race on Sunday :slight_smile:


I haven’t stepped up to the Full distance yet (furthest I’ve done is ITU Long Course World’s in Penticton 2017–3K/120K/30K), but I really enjoy the HIM distance. I got a spot at IM 70.3 Calgary for the IM 70.3 World’s in Nice in September 2019 so I have a long time until my A race. Because of that I’m toying with the idea of doing my first full marathon at our local race at the end of May, but haven’t fully committed to that yet - - I have a run plan scheduled, but I don’t know if my body will hold up as my left foot/ankle/Achilles likes to flair up with various amounts of pain at impromptu times. Anyway, good luck to everyone on their training and stay healthy! :grinning::+1:


I’m still in my extended base phase; just started trad base III (pulling swims and runs from the full distance base plan). Feeling pretty solid in terms of habit building and just putting in the work but everything is still fairly low intensity.

Managed an outdoor run yesterday as it’s warmed up to 0C (ish) but it’s supposed to snow again on Friday so I’ll probably be back on the treadmill/indoor track doing my best hamster-in-a-wheel impersonation.


The 28 week plan for IM Wales start on the 4th March. I’m doing it too so see you there!


Good luck with the 10k!

Going OK for me - in the third week of Traditional Base 2 - sort of following the Mid Volume but with the odd change up, just ticking over on the bike really.

Main focus for me is swimming at the moment. Goal is to swim at least 5 days a week and in the past 4 weeks have swum 5 times one and 6 in the other three averaging around 14-15k per week.

I’ve been following a Pfitzinger 5k road race plan and did a warm up Parkrun 10 days ago and ran an 18:25 but it was pretty windy along the coast and the second half after the turn was straight into the wind which was tough going! - I was looking for a 17 which I should do at some point I hope - PB is 18:15 ATM but that was a few years ago on a hilly trail run so should be beatable. I’m working towards a half marathon next April hopefully.

For the Brits in the thread, anyone done the Holkham Half before? Thinking of doing it as a mid season race and if there are any views on it I’d like to hear them.


I completed SSB 1 last week and moved on to SSB2. Having done all the work on the road bike, I saw an 11% increase in FTP. I am moving on the TT bike now for the first time and thus also ramp tested on the TT bike. came in at 5% less, which I was happy about.

I supplement the bike with workouts for swim/run to hit 3 workouts each per week. I am integrating workouts from Matt Dixons Well Built Triathlete with trainer road tri base workouts, they follow the same ideas.

I also TT’d my swim this week as a benchmark to work from. I do a 500m TT because I have generally very sustained pacing, it integrates easily in my normal swim session and it is less impactful than a 1k. I have come in ± my time from last season’s peak, but I know that I have made a lot of technical improvements this post-season, as well as good condition to sustain long workouts. the sharpening will follow.