The Ironman in 2019 thread



I feel you. especially traveling has such an impact on the training. the only way I find is to really give it space in the training plan and accept it as a part of the journey. when you hurry to workouts all the time you end up fatigued.

are you doing any specific prep for the 10k and if so how do you integrate it with the rest of the training?

cheers on that :beers:

nice! you must have great opening hours of your pool?


Totally agree - no point beating yourself up about it.

No specific training, and this is a C race really. The main problem is that I’m supposed to do a two hour easy run and a three hour ride this week, the ride will need to be the day before the race. The “long” run will have to be the race I think.

Primarily I signed up to a series of road races with my running club to mix things up and get me running with the club occasionally. It should be a nice early benchmark, and the only flat race I’ve ever run. :smile: Looking forward to it, but I’ll have to rush from the finish line 60 miles back home to get to see my daughter’s in a local parade!


I guess I’m both lucky and pay for the privilege at the same time

I live 10 minutes from a David Lloyd club which costs a fair amount for membership but has a 6 lane 25m pool. There are a few decent swimmers there but the majority of people there are recreational swimmers and while I’m not a super fast swimmer by any means I’m usually left alone in the fast lane!

It’s open 06:30- 22.30 but during the week my alarm goes off a 7 and I’m swimming before 8 which works for me. If I swim at other times of the day I just try to avoid the aqua classes :grinning:


I’m signed up for IM Texas on April 27. I’m doing the Full Distance Base, low volume, as I work on swim technique a little extra. I’ll switch to mid-volume when I start the Build phase.

Cheers and good luck to all.


The Low Volume Plan would start mid December. Right now I am doing some base work for that and try to get my running to a higher level.
My biggest concern are the many sessions/week in the plan and the long swim + long run at the end of the week.
I am not sure, how to manage that and I am considering to switch to a different plan, which is more traditional and volume based but lacks the intensities of Trainerroad.
Not sure which way to go. Hours alone are not a problem, but 3x swimming and running at the same day per week might be too much for me (although the time in the pool is not too long, swimming is the most time and motivation consuming sport for me).
The other, more volume based, plan has only 2x bike and 2x swim/week but the sessions are longer…


It’s tricky. I don’t know how many people manage all sessions week after week, I know I don’t unless it’s only six.

I try not to beat myself up about it - if I’m feeling fitter and stronger, I must be doing something right.


Not yet registered for any races in 2019, but loosely planning on the following as a VERY long (78 week) build-up to IM Santa Rosa 2020 (would be my 7th IM, and huge stretch goal of competing for a Kona slot):

  1. SSB 1 low vol: 6 weeks
  2. General Build low vol: 8 weeks
  3. Half Distance Tri Base low vol: 8 weeks
  4. 40k TT low vol: 8 weeks
  5. Sustained Power Build low vol: 8 weeks
  6. SSB 1 low vol: 6 weeks
  7. SSB 2 low vol: 6 weeks
  8. Finishing up with the 28 weeks of Full Distance Tri Base-Build-Specialty low vol

Looking to get a good mixture of plan types, and doing some workouts that I’ve missed over the past 3 years of IM-specific training plans.

Throughout all plans, I’ll stick to my regular routine of balancing the TR plans with 5-6 days of running + 2-3 swims per week (hence the low vol selections)

Considering adding in Santa Rosa 70.3 in 2019 as a test race (and a throwdown/meetup opportunity with the great Nate Pearson), which would fall nearly at the end of the Sustained Power Build plan.

What could possibly change over the next 78 weeks??? :wink:




Now that’s what I call long term planning :smile::+1:


Hi Guys,

I thought I would pop in and say hello. I completed both IM Lanzarote (14:58) and IM Wales (14:14) this year and plan to do 2 IM distance races next year along with a few other events. Currently I have virtually finished SSB 1 low vol (just one more session to go, whilst building up my run distance to 1/2 marathon trg level.

My events for next year are:

The first event is a 30 km road run around the area of Rhayader in mid Wales with a total of 339m elevation in early March, I love running always have but I am a plodder always have been and I am happy with that. My PR for a 1/2 Marathon is 96 minutes, but currently it would be more like 100 - 105 minutes. I’ve only run a marathon on an IM race and my PR for that is 5hours 15 minutes.

Second is the ROC Triathlon: a bit of a one off of an event it’s a sea swim of 1250m, a bike of 50km out to Snowden ( the highest mountain in Wales) a run / walk / crawl up to the summit of Snowden & back down to your bike that is 12 km long and has 960 m of climb. Then back on the bike to the start point where there is a final one KM run to the end. It’s a challenge from a friend so it will be a fun event with no concerns on performance or timing. This is in late April.

Then probably, in June though TBC & v dependent on how I feel, it’s the Titan triathlon which is a 1/2 IM in mid Wales with a lake swim and a v hilly bike course. I am thinking of using this as a sort of race day preparation event and a trial for nutrition and pacing.

Then the first of the planned IM races in July in Whistler where I am hoping to go sub 13:30 for the first time.

Post IM Whistler will be decided after Canada but I am hoping to be doing a warm flat IM in the second half of the year.

I’m a 54 yr old larger guy, not overly fat with 19% body fat, but I am broad and @ 188cm and 88kg probably not going to drop that much weight. I have been playing around with long distance tri for the last two years and enjoy each of the three disciplines.

I plan to start the high vol, full distance tri base plan next week, with probably a few more runs added in, and my swimming will be maintained at 3-4 sessions a week. I am starting a little earlier than is really necessary simply because I know life will jump in between now and July so I would like to have some time in the bank before it does. I have been following a run trg plan based on the Maffetone principle (Z2 HR) for the last 6 weeks (it’s that plodding thing again) and it has brought on my running greatly.

I am toying with the idea of not starting the tri plan and doing another SSB plan until January simply because I enjoy the way the SSB sessions always seem to be hard enough to be challenging but “easy” enough to complete. It would be interesting to hear what people think should it be the trip specific plan or should I go for the SSB plan?


Good luck with that. It sounds like a good year of racing!

I raced the Titan Brecon last year and it’s pretty brutal. The bike is long and tough and it’s advertised at 60 miles but they mis measured the swim course as well last year so we swum around 2.6k as well. The run is a hilly job up and over a decent hill and back 3 times for 6 pretty hard climbs. Happy days :rofl:

In terms of the training plans there are lots of ways to potentially go. Obviously one way is to follow the plans as written but if you’re following your own running and swimming plan there are other options you can take.

You can do a lot worse than to just use the Base and Sustained Power plans and not touch the speciality plans. Substitute in one long ride appropriate for your events in place of one of the rides and that can be all you need. I’ve done that for IM’s on several occasions.

You could do the SS Base plans and then the Full Distance Build and Speciality plans potentially. Personally I’m not sure there’s the absolute need to be riding long as early in an IM plan as the Full Distance plans suggest, especially if you’ve raced the distance before. In many ways you are better building power before extending it nearer to the race. That’s not a direct criticism of the plans themselves, they might work well in many cases especially for those newer at the distance, it’s just a limitation of a single plan not being able to fit everybody’s needs.

Another option is to do the SSB, Sustained Power build and then the Full Distance Speciality plan although if I were going this route I’d again do so longer rides in place of one of the weekly rides during the build as your near the race.

If you’d prefer to continue with the SSB plan then that’s the one I’d probably choose as the one you want to do is the one you’re most likely to complete and commit to.

Which ever way you decide good luck - if your PB is from IM Wales there’s a decent chance you’ll go faster elsewhere :grinning: :+1:


Thanks for the advice, I am considering the SSB & then the Sustained Power build route. I am happy enough with my swim and run training and would like to improve my bike. I think I will firstly look at doing the SSB 2 low vol between now and the New Year see how the FTP goes and then review from there.

Compared to IM Lanza, Wales is not so bad IMHO.


Good luck with the 10k this morning :+1:


Well, that was an unexpected result. 4 min PB. :tada:

I haven’t run a 10k race open or tri in years, and only one 5k this year but I managed to hold that 5k pace for 10k +1 second :smile:

I’ve done no interval running that I can recall, and no 5k pace training runs - just Mara and half mara paces runs and hill runs this year. Two terrible half iron results too…so I am totally over the moon even though it’s ‘just’ a 10k. Easy running rocks. :+1:


congratulations :partying_face: :beer:

this can make quite the difference, coming to the start line fresh - or fatigued!



I just remember that I did do RPE9/10 intervals back in March/April during Build but got injured straight away.

My run club is going to question my category when they figure it out - and it was the first event in the Grand Prix season :grimacing:


Nice. Four minutes is huge :grinning: :clinking_glasses:


Advice pls.
Well, after hanging out in the forums for a few weeks, I finally signed up for the full year!
I need some advice on workout scheduling please :slight_smile:
I’m doing Ironman Canada the last week of July.
I’ve decided to do the low volume full distance training plan & entered it into my calendar. That will start on Jan 15th.
What do you recommend I do until then?
I have finally recovered from a cold, and when I say recovered, I mean fully recovered!
I’m in Florida Dec 17th-26th, and am taking my bike with me ~ so I’ll be riding outdoors in the sun (vs. inside in North Vancouver, BC).
I won’t be riding on travel days (17th & 26th). I can get to a pool in Florida if needed, but I don’t really feel it’s imperative since I’m a confident swimmer.

I’ve done an FTP test using the Tacx app.
Haven’t done any riding or training for a month.
I’m slow but steady.
Strength is swimming (former lifeguard & swim instructor), technique & comfort wise.
Weakness is running and/or biking because I’m rehabbing an old injury: torn & deactivated lateral quad, which will need a bike re-fit once I’ve been back on the bike for a few weeks. My quad tends to tighten up & compress on my ITB.
I’m planning on adding strength training also ~ I have a personal trainer who is going to draw up a plan for me. I’m open to starting yoga drop in as well.

At the moment, my races:
March 9: standard distance tri, pool swim
May 6: marathon
July 28: Ironman
I’ve entered the first two as “C” races.
I might do a 10km here or there “for fun”.

What do you suggest for this coming week?

For my week in Florida? (My instinct is saying intervals & long runs; long bike rides… there are no hills where I’ll be)

After Florida, I’ll be back in Canada, and I’ll be at home for a few days & then going to visit my parents Dec 30-Jan 4th; I’ll be taking my smart trainer I think and will be running outside ~ varied terrain, but it’ll be cold & probably rainy.

What do you suggest for Jan 4-14?

How do I adjust my training plan around my events?

I realize that I’ll probably end up shifting things around, but I like having something in place.

Guidance appreciated.



Cool - I’m jealous. Still haven’t signed up for an Ironman in 2019 and I’d love to visit Canada too.

Personally I think any Ironman plan is a big commitment, and it does let you in fairly easy so I don’t think you need to “pre train” before you start. How did the 10k at the end of October go - has your doctor advised you regarding training and your injury?

If the doc agrees, I’d suggest some pretty easy cycling over the next four weeks to make sure you’re healthy enough, start with a couple a week under 0.7 intensity, under an hour (filters available in the app > workouts). See how you feel. A couple of jog/walks per week 10-30mins as is convenient over the next four weeks.

If you’re raring to get fit for IM, put effort into the least impactful sport - swimming - and go as much as you want, then when the plan starts drop down to the sessions planned as the bike and run ramps up.

Anything you can do now to start making bedtimes and wake up time regular is a good idea.

How will you adjust your nutrition as the training stress starts to pile on, sort out any kit you need fixed, training routes you’ll use for running/cycling - and how this will fit around the rest of your life.

Soon you’ll have little time to think and prepare, and any lack of planning is liable to interrupt your training. It does for me anyway! (Always lay your kit out for tomorrow the night before)

…I’d be a bit cautious about the marathon to IM plan.


I’d also be a bit concerned about doing a marathon in the midst of IM training. It looks like your marathon would fall towards the middle to tail end of your build which is arguably the toughest training period. If you do it, you would want to do the marathon pretty easy otherwise it’s going to have an impact on your IM training. In terms of things to do now, I’ve found that its beneficial to get used to your eventual workout schedule. Do some easy runs, swims, bikes on the days and times that you eventually plan on doing those activities during your training.