The Ironman in 2019 thread



Almost identical to my plans. Also doing Chatt, but have done a few halves, with the last one being a success after using mid half plans. I’ll be doing the same thing except minus the short build. I tried to force some ftp gains with ss1, but didn’t really make much progress. Definitely didn’t lose any fitness though. Just started ss2 this week. I’m on the fence about low or mid for the full plans, but will probably try to tackle the mids. Good luck at IM Chatt!


I’d echo the comments regarding the marathon above. especially if the priority is the IM. I’ve raced 3 open marathons and they have been by far the hardest races to recover from for me, more so than IM. Running a marathon for a time is tough.


IMUK for me, first one. Did a few Olympic events this year with TR as my guide.

FTP has gone from 150 -> 256
Weight from 90kg’s -> 76kg’s

2018 has been about injury prevention, and also getting myself used to training schedules.
I’ve had a runners MOT which diagnosed under active glutes. Have been given exercises to help with this.
Also had a comprehensive bike fit (Phil Burt Innovations).
Both cost a few quid, but I’ve been planning the end goal for a while and felt it was necessary to seek the advice of experts.

My plan starts New Years Eve (FTP test), so for the past few weeks I’ve just been having fun.
Plenty of low intensity run miles, and also I’ve been picking and choosing TR workouts- just for fun! It’s been great, and I’ve really enjoyed the last few weeks.

Good luck everyone.


Welcome and good luck - sounds like you’re well on your way to a ‘comfortable’ finish. :slight_smile:


Have both IMUK & IM Wales booked for next year.

Have completed IM Wales twice previously as it’s my local race.

Doing sustained power for a bit, as I’m happy with the bike legs, I desperatly want to improve my run time and all my base training is focused around getting a good run base.

I’m currently sitting at about 8-10hrs a week, whereas that was probably my peak training for my previous IMs. Current planning suggests it will stretch out to 15-18 as we get towards the pointy end…


Nicely done!


Bolton is iconic, you’ll have a good time there. Staying near the Macron is the most convenient in my opinion - but I’d be tempted to stay in town if I do it again to keep the atmosphere for thenoost race celebration. :slight_smile:

I have Wales in my long term sights, I know Tenby from when I was a kid and we used to stay on the monastery island - yes, during the dodgy years unfortunately - it’s a lovely area and IM would be a great reason to go back. I remember it as such a gentle place it’s hard to imagine AC/DC blaring at the start line :smile: I’m waiting until I can get my nutrition and run right before I try the Dragon.

That’s a tough combo in one year. Enjoy!


@JoeX can you offer some advice if local… I currently have 2 bits of accomdation booked and need to cancel one…

I have a place in town near the finish line & one about 20min drive from the start, I’m leaning towards town but still not there… any recommendations or thoughts?

All il say about tenby is go support it for a day and come away without signing up… i know every Iron town thinks there’s is the best support, but every one who has done tenby will say it’s better than anything else out there (apart from Kona).


Either will work.

Bear in mind these things change but my experience as follows;

I’ve stayed near the lake and at the Macron, theres no parking by the lake (on race day) so driving to the start could be a bit of a nightmare unless someone is dropping you off.

The bus service out of Macron to the start was fine on race day, but there wasn’t one the day before. I ended up cycling there to rack my bike (about 30mins iirc) and hitchhiking back (lift from a friendly triathlete, aren’t they all?).

The reason I’d choose town next time is that I’d rather leave my bike until the Monday morning at the Macron and be able to get changed and have a few beers around the finish line.


Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn’t considered getting up early ~ I get seasonal affective disorder & so that will be a challenge. The nutrition aspect I’ll be working with the sports med naturopath to come up w/ a detailed plan.
I’m not working full time (coming back from being sick) so I have lots of time to train & plan and go to appointments. My main concern is doing too much too soon (not recovering properly). I haven’t been actively training for a very long train, so this is my first structured training program. I have tended to get sick with this or that, had to deal with low ferritin, flu, colds… and rehabbing the injury, on top of sorting my way out of the anxiety. So that’s why I finally decided to start seeing specialists.
The marathon is just in there as a C priority, my goal is to finish it and try out nutrition logistically. I’ll be walking lots of it I think. I’m not doing a marathon training plan at all.
I’m thinking I’ll taper for it & then for the week after do short easy workouts, some swimming & biking.

Unfortunately, I won’t have easy access to a full size pool while in Florida… there’s a backyard pool that’s about 15m long (and quite cold) & some local pools but I don’t have a vehicle to myself and so I don’t want to burden the people I’m staying with. Someone would have to drive me to and from the pool. Maybe I’ll do water running in the pool instead.
I’m home for two days & then head to my parents’ place which is on a small island with no pool.
Once January starts, I’ll be getting a membership to the community centres in my area (6 centres, 3 25m pools to choose from and masters drop ins that aren’t ridiculously early in the morning).
I coach youth tri four times a week, so I can tack on a track workout before or after work.



Oh the marathon is going to be taken very easy. Goal is to finish. Ok, maybe do better than last year, which was less than four minutes before cutoff. I’ll be in better shape though so my “very easy” should be ok.
I’m not high performance or anything, just want to get through it confidently.
My initial goal was to finish IM with more than an hour before cutoff, but that will depend on how my training goes.
:heart_eyes_cat: Great advice on doing easy workouts on the same days as my training plan! I find that once I’m in a pattern it’s much easier, but getting into that pattern is the tough part, especially because I have severe social anxiety. Just showing up at the venue & doing an easy workout is great since I’ll feel comfortable with the staff at the community centres & I can get into a rhythm.


I did my first IM 70.3 in Edinburgh this year and qualified for the WC race at Nelson Mandela Bay, so that was my second race. My swim is slightly below average (the suggested times on the start coral at the worlds didn’t actually include my time predicted time, lol), and my bike split is average at best, but I come from a running background and make a bit of time up there. For my next race I really want to do well on the bike and hence I’m here at TR. I’ve done some base work already, so today I start the half distance high volume build with a few adjustments to the swim and run parts as I’m comfortable with what works for me already in those areas. I’m actually planning to repeat the build so I do it twice and then move to the speciality phase so any comments on that are welcome.


My 10k was not good. I got sick so I stuck w/ a friend whose pace is much slower than mine (which is slow to begin with). My time for a 10k w/o much training (b/c I kept getting sick etc) is about 1h15m; the 10k I just did was 1h47m and I was getting restless at the end & my friend was struggling.
But I’m glad I held back because the cold got worse & it took me three weeks to shake it.
I’m just getting back into training now.

I got the flu shot, don’t worry. I learned that lesson last year.

I’m getting a food sensitivity test done soon & then I’ll have a nutrition plan based on that for my workouts.

It’s taken a while to get things sorted, but my ferritin is back up & looks to be staying steady; which was a main concern.

I have something going on w/ my shoulder which means a chiropractic adjustment most likely. Gotta love how triathlon training brings out the body’s misalignments.


Nice first couple of races!

Are you aiming for a specific race? I think the advice often given is to repeat Base phases rather than Build or Speciality.


Yes, I’m thinking Staffs 70.3 in June. I’ll have a look at what a plan with another base phase looks like,thanks :slight_smile:


You could do a lot worse than looking at the Sweet Spot Base plans and see if you can work them around your running. If you know what you want to do around that then you don’t necessarily have to use the Tri Plans if something else works better. My go to run plans over the past few years have been based around the Pfitzinger plans and I’ve mainly used the TR cycling plans.

The only thing I guess to be careful of is that it sounds like your focus should be swim/bike based if your running is your strength. If you up the cycling volume (as it sounds like you should) then the running plans that have been good in the past may not be quite as easy with more energy going elsewhere.


Had my best swim at Staffs a couple of years ago, it’s changed a bit but it was a good course.

Do you have time to go build-base-Build-speciality-race?


I’ve used Pfitzinger in the past, but now it’s more the principles I apply rather than a specific plan. I’m confident that cycling can easily replace some of the aerobic base sessions from my pure running schedule, as long as I keep the key run sessions in place (a steady state run and a long run, plus two easy runs usually off of the bike is what I’ve done so far).

I’ll have a look at the sweet spot base plans as I had to shift around the high volume half tri plan quite a bit anyway. I don’t plan on focusing too much on swim as I found that was improving rapidly anyway based on me not being much of a swimmer anyway so I’m getting good beginner gains for now. I was 41 mins in Edinburgh and 37 mins in South Africa a couple of months later.


26 weeks till Staffs so I don’t think that would fit in.


Similar for me too. I tend to run 4 times a week with a long run, one fairly short run off the bike along with one of the VO2/Tempo run from one of the Pfitzinger plans and an easier run with a few strides.

Good luck with the swimming, it’s where my focus is this winter. The SA swim can be a tough one if the conditions aren’t great.

If you’ve got 26 weeks you could think about doing a Base/Build, the first 5 weeks of a Speciality plan followed by the taper week.