The Leadville 2020 Thread

Maybe I read the email wrong but they said they won’t be giving any LT 2020 qualifier coins out. I was referring to straight up qualifying for it and not relying on any roll down, or lottery coins raffled out of a hat. If I finished top 4-5 in my age group and I don’t get a coin I would be pissed off (my age group is always the largest). So I am not doing any of their races this year.

That’s my read as well. No coins for 2020 = no coins for 2020, even for qualifiers.

I’m still planning to do that Rattler since it’s in my backyard. I’m already in for Leadville 2020, deferred entry from coin at rattler last year. I don’t think I’ve got much of a shot at improving my corral at the rattler. The rattler has historically been the toughest place to get a good corral position and the time cuttoffs they currently show for the new course are silly. Last year got cut short due to weather, but they put me in purple corral based on my time. I went and did the Leadville stage race and easily got green corral (I was just a few minutes off pace for red).


Specialized rib cage. I put a little bar tape between the cage and frame to prevent scratches and help keep it in place. I also put a rubber band on the cage which goes over the top of the bottle to make sure it won’t launch. I never had one come out, but big bottles would kind of slide forward sometimes on rough stuff.

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I disagree. If you take the time to show up to a qualifier and ride for 5-6 hours, they should make a good number of coins available to those people. If there was no coins available in qualifier races, and just corral placements (or just coins for the first 3-5 in each age group), the attendance on the qualifiers would plummet.

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yeah, im not speaking in terms of business sense, clearly it’s better to have coins to raffle at the qualifiers. But strictly in terms of fairness, riding 5-6 hours doesn’t make your getting lucky somehow more legitimate. I feel zero guilt for taking a spot that would have been raffled away at a qualifier. I also gambled professionally for most of my life tho, so maybe I just have a different take on it than most people.

Some people will have a time that qualifies them already for a higher corral.

Coins are still being given out., but you will get a coin that is good for 2021 only. Historically they would have let you choose 2020 or 2021.

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Some will - if they rode the LT100 last year, or if they ride a qualifier this year to get a corral placement. Most wont. My guess is the white corral this year will be 2x bigger vs last year - as I’m guessing about 2x normal (maybe more) were admitted via lottery this year.

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True, I am just mad because since I did it last year my watts/kg has jumped even more from a recent power test. Between that and better gearing I was hoping to finish under 7:45 this year (assuming no mechanicals or illnesses leading up to the race). So I am not driving 13 hours to race at the WW100K if there is no choice to race Leadville in 2020 vs 2021. I understand why they did it but I still had to vent. Sorry for being so negative, I’ll get better :slight_smile:

I agree. They shouldn’t have let their mistake in the lottery this year screw up the qualifiers this year, and one or both of the lottery and qualifiers next year.

They could have just acknowledged their mistake, refunded those who got charged erroneously, and moved no. A screw up, yes, but once resolved, it’s done and the consequences don’t drag on for over a year.

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I used to put on a crit series before numbers made it impossible to continue. Here is the thing, racers are always angry at something. They may only be 10% of the field, but the people who complain seem to be about 98% of what you hear as a race director. Most complaints are about things you can’t control at all. This was a mistake by a company they hired, and now the Leadville folks have to deal with the aftermath. This decision was likely about how to make as many people happy as possible and feel supported. I got in on the first go round so it didn’t matter to me, but I think they have done a great job of standing behind what they say/do and supporting the people who support them. There are no perfect solutions here and there will be issues, but I’m thrilled with how they are trying to give people options as best they can. A little flexibility on the part of the racers goes a long way to everyones’ experience being what they want it to be.


Agree - the race organizers have absolutely had the right intent in trying to make the best of a crappy situation. No good solutions.

My own view is that they owe more to people who show up to ride at a qualifier (often drive a reasonable distance, maybe stay overnight, and ride 5-6 hours), than someone who enrolls in the lottery from their couch. And should have prioritized the qualifier participants over lottery participants who were inadvertently admitted.


Very true. It does suck that nobody gets out of this unscathed. Hopefully the Leadville folks are at least getting some reimbursement from the registration company.

I got in the 2020 race via the Austin Rattler 2019: I got lucky and drew a coin at the event. I then deferred Leadville until 2020. I still got the recent email with the option to defer until 2021, which I took with the added benefit of a free qualifier (gonna do the Lake Tahoe Trail 100 in 2021). However, I didn’t receive any confirmation. I assume that even though I deferred from 2019 into 2020, that because I got the email they will still let me defer into 2021. Does anyone else know for sure, or has anyone else chosen to defer to 2021 and received any kind of confirmation?

Does anyone know if Whiteface sells out typically? I’m in Leadville and was thinking about doing it this year to try to improve my corral, especially with all the talk of a bigger race/white corral than usual.

I don’t believe it usually sells out. The past 2 years I’ve done it there were still spots available the night before the race.

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Great thanks for the info. Looking at the number of finishers I didn’t think it did, but I rather not sign up this early as plans always change.

Pros do not go through the lottery in these type of races. They get invited and entry fee are comped.

I’m planning on racing Austin Next Month. Any Austin veterans out there with thoughts on tire selection? My setup for Leadville is a 2.2 Ardent race up front and a 2.2 Ikon in the back.

Not sure about Austin but I loved my Aspens, front and rear, at Leadville. Really felt it was all that was needed for grip and rolling resistances.