The new calendar feature kills the current training plan?



I went to do my Thursday AM ride today and my training plan was gone. No scheduled ride. I was in week 2 of sustained power build. I knew the next ride was Carpathian Peak so I went ahead anyway but then noticed that I had no plan any more. Is it expected that the calendar will discontinue the current plan? No big deal for me, I had just started it but might have been frustrating if in week 6 or 7.

My training plan is gone after upgrading TrainerRoad on my Mac :-(
New MacOS Update

You can add the same plan to your calendar and pick the days now. You should have received an email how to do that.

The on boarding on the calendar page will also walk you through.

We didn’t want to auto add it because people want to do workouts on different days than the default plans.


Not aware of this update, and having difficulties. Where the heck is “My Plan” This sucks like the new Gmail.


Ahhh OK, thanks Nate. I guess the % of plan completed wouldn’t exist any more since the plan is now implemented in the calendar. I did like the progress indicator for the plan, but again, that’s only cosmetic, doing the work is the actual outcome.


I learned this AM you’ll have to add then plan to your calendar. I guess the frustrating part was that some things that I clicked on the Windoze App redirected to the TR website. So I had no idea what happened to my plan either. All sorted now.


We’re adding percent of plan completed:)


Just joined the forum, so first post here I go…

First off, love the calendar feature, makes it super simple to incorporate plans, shift workouts and plan for peak events that may be very far out still, like 31 weeks. Not that I’ve counted, or have a serious race planned LOL.

As a long time TP user and WKO fan, I think you have nailed it making it user friendly to schedule and predict TSS and peaks. I’m extremely impressed with TR product so far, and excited to see where it goes. As a private equity fund manager and former CEO of a tech company, I’m impressed with the thoughtfulness of the rollouts and the involvement of the management team. Congrats and thanks for creating an incredible suite to allow me to torture myself in style!


Thanks for trusting us with your training and the kind feedback @ravivw!


While the new calendar looks pretty good, I was fairly annoyed when I got on my bike at 04:20 this morning only to find that everything was screwed up. Took me 20 minutes to get to a place where I thought I could actually do a ride without seriously screwing things up. I use my mobile, not a computer so no real option of drag dropping out whatever you’re supposed to do.
The default would have been much better to import current training own as is, especially for those of us who only started a few days ago.


I’ve really been looking forward to the calendar feature, super glad to have it. Was a bit sorry to interrupt my current plan, but I was almost done with it.

I’d like to report a bug in the new calendar though. You can delete a plan from the calendar, as long as you don’t delete the first scheduled ride of the plan first. The delete plan option disappears if the first ride gets deleted. I know other rides in the plan can be deleted without losing the option to remove the whole plan, but if the first ride gets deleted, then you lose the option to delete the plan (even though the plan rightly title moves to the next scheduled ride). Then you have to delete all the rides in the whole plan individually.


With plenty of options to choose from, TR is seriously first class. I must have lucked out cause my calendar didn’t skip a beat. Keep up the great work. Its easy to trust you with my training when I’m getting off the couch following 2 kids destroying my cycling career haha :wink: Only one way to go from here…


Why didnt you let people who are in the middle of plan blocks finish it first before going to calendar? its a mess. And a one time prompt to migrate your plan to calendar isn’t right, i missed the prompt then had to add the plan manually - now i’ve got double sessions - surely it will recognise the sessions i’ve done and tick them off and only leave the ones i havent done for the rest of the training block?



I think its great you add the callender.
But I have a question. I was just started on a new plan this week (Started sunday) but when i look at the callender now it says that my plan start thursday (See picture)
Is there a way to edit the start date of the plan ?


Another calendar request: Can you add a trash function where you can drag and drop unwanted workouts into the trash without having to click into that day’s schedule? Thanks!


I’ve found the email about calendar and realised where I went wrong with the migration. Fair enough. Having to re-add the plan I just started was no big deal. Having to manually fix up the workout for today to reflect the correct one was, again, no big deal.

However, I used to be able to manage an entire plan form my phone, assign outdoor rides etc. It was simple and it worked. I really don’t want to have to manage this from my desk.


I didn’t receive an email, and I’m 5 weeks into a plan, so if you could advise how to add the same plan to my calendar, that would be great. Thanks


Really annoying (not to mention this is a payed service)!
No email explaining the switch.
When I went to my app to start the workout I found that my training plan was missing from the “calendar”. After spending half an hour looking on the web I still can’t add my current training plan to the calendar. And when I add the same TP I was in, it starts from the beginning and not on the workout I was in for today…


I had to add mine also. If you chose the start date of the plan to be the date you actually started it, like 5-6 weeks ago, whatever, it will go into the calendar where it should be.


no it doesn’t, at least mine doesn’t.


Well, it does…because I did it this morning! :smile: