The "TrainerRoad Bump" (Sales increases from the AACC podcast?)


Cool question.

Stages power meter
Lighter camelback (not a uswee) but felt I needed a smaller one
Genuine innovations tubeless tire plug kit
Maxxis aspen tires
Full suspension mountain bike (not really worth saying which one, I just accepted the concept of full suspension being reasonable)
Lasko high velocity floor fan
Blue tooth electrical switch for fan
Matt Fitzgerald: How Bad do you want it, Racing Weight
Kitchen scale
Nokia Body + bathroom scale

Wow, weird to see it all listed out. Am I a Chad/Jonathan/Nate clone? Should I move to Reno!?!?!?!


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@matthew.weigel, I was able to redo the last option I had and make that the “None”, so you can use that if you’d like.

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I got into TrainerRoad totally separate from the podcast three(?)ish years ago. Over the last few years I’ve talked a bunch of friends into joining both by proselytizing and by showing them the results on groups rides.

A couple of them recently repaid the favor by telling me about the podcast (of which I was blissfully unaware) and I’ve been working my way through the backlog over the past few months

Oh and the reason I picked TrainerRoad at the time was that I bought a Kickr and had a power meter and at the time TrainerRoad was the only one with Power Match (I know Zwift and I think a few others have added it in since) but that was the feature that mattered most to me at the time (and sort of still does)

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For me recently…Birch Bender pancakes…holy crap those things are tasty.
But also Matt Fitzgerald’s How bad do you want it, Maurten, and Molten Speed Wax.


I bet Flo got a bump after the podcast special with them. They were super compelling.

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Chad - I think we had an exchange on this a while back on the AACC podcast Facebook page about the value of the podcast in attracting and retaining members. Looks like your poll confirms what we were speculating!

I’ve done a lot of work over the years on customer loyalty, and one of the biggest drivers is customer engagement with a company. The podcast, and this forum, allow people to feel like they belong to a community of like-minded people, which drives an emotional engagement above and beyond just doing the TR training sessions themselves (although VO2max sessions are certainly “engaging” :grin:).

Even though I didn’t use TR for much of this year due to my ankle surgery in January, I still listened to the podcasts every week, and would have felt guilty if I had dropped my subscription!


I was a lost ,injured runner when i discovered the AACC podcast and it really has changed all exercise-related life for me.

Signed up to TR started training after listening to podcast (even though most of it was over my head) - but anyhow got hooked.

the podcast is a wealth of good info.

I actually already had Tanita’s and some MFG books and used some Mautren … but i bought:

Endurance Diet - MFG
Switched to more Brown Rice!
Use my Tanita in non-athlete mode (way better !)
Intend to subscribe to best bike split for certain races
Use a lot of the websites recommended for stats etc
Bought knock-off Wahoo desk
Bought a Kickr (well a CORE … )
and numerous other non-retail tips i have employed in riding/bike set-up etc

all of the above have been awesome choices so i thank AACC for giving considered advice… seems very objective to me, and they are not afraid to say something doesn’t work as quickly as they are to praise products that do.

Managed to get 2 converts to TR this winter too …

long live AACC

only wish is that the longer episodes were available on podcast app not just YT.


I had tried TrainerRoad a few times in previous years, but listening to the AACC podcast has definitely led to me taking out a full annual subscription this year. Also bought Matt Fitzgerald’s book following his appearance on the podcast.

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Yep, I got a set of Flo wheels because of the Podcast. As well as “How Bad Do You Want It” and Maurten. I already had a Varia Radar before it got mentioned, but I totally agree with how good it is to have it.

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I recently had the opportunity to listen to Mike King from Adidas explain how his teams led both Taylor Made and Adidas to major turnarounds.

Mike King, “We need to own the future.” There a three portions to owning the future: Knowledge, wisdom and creativity. He followed this a little bit later by explaining why it is so important to engage with our teams/staff/employees. In the past, we would empower a team or an individual. Mike has much better results by engaging. Merely based on the increased revenue numbers (300% increases) seen under his direction at both Taylor Made and Adidas, I agree with him on the need to engage our teams and customers.

Mike also described Distributed Leadership (Force Multiplier for the command and control leadership types…i.e. military) which fits well with keeping the team engaged. He recommended the book, “What Matters Now.”

TR is a creative method to help cyclist train effectively. Nate, Johnathan and Chad as a team encompass knowledge, wisdom and creativity while the podcast engages with the subscribers and non subscribers alike. This is a win, win, win.

Finally I think it is important to look at habits. Habits have three elements: cue, routine and reward. For most of us, training is a habit. Every morning when we awaken, there is a mental cue for us to train. Cues and rewards cannot be changed. Our reward for training is better fitness and so forth. What is interesting, and research support this, is the only thing in the habit cycle which can be changed is the routine. Trainer Road helps to create a simple routine. Justin’s interview touched on this in Podcast 182. It eliminates the elements of weather, lights, drivers, terrain, flat tires and many other issues. From my experience, simple routines are successful routines :grin:.

In closing, the items in bold are to simply there to aid with speed reading and the key points I wish to express. I wish you the best in leading your team.

Be Well and Ride On!


What’s the Mtb podcast that Jonathan does?







Lasko Fan, Vector 3 Pedals, The Endurance Diet, Tubeless tires and new wheels for a gravel race, Jackaroo kit on order, plan to order NoPinz skin suit to a US address (I am in Canada).

Signed up for a gravel race.

Hope to have Matt FitzGerald speak at a conference although Nate would be more fun.

Trying to organize a clinic with Lee McCormack in Colorado.

I have gone full disciple. Best annual subscription ever.

Did pause when I thought about ordering a Rip Row (not a MTBer).

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I love it - how did I miss this thread? Sorry @Nate you’re the Clarkson of the trio


I learned about Trainer Road from Johnathan and Steven’s MTB Podcast.

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