Tips for not getting sick



But I feel so powerful when I take them! Everyone is entitled to their placebo. :grin:


All the stuff about washing your hands and avoiding people is great advice but really comes down to trying to avoid getting the disease into your body. This most frequently happens when you touch your hands to your face (you can’t catch a cold from an infection that comes through the skin on your hands)

Since you will often find yourself in situations where you cannot wash your hands regularly or, even worse, where you have to be around other people, you should try to work on not touching your face as a separate preventative measure. It is more effective than any hand washing or Purell routine and can be applied regardless of where you are or what your situation may be

As for other tips and tricks - eating healthy and sleeping consistently makes for a stronger immune system so that your body can fight off things that might get others sick. Some of this is genetic luck and some of it is having the spare energy for your immune system to fight these things off before they become something you could even recognize as a sickness


There has been mention of placebos. But, remember that placebos can work! That is why they are a thing and play a role in structuring and interpreting scientific experiments involving humans.

I am 100% convinced there is a mental element as well to avoiding illness, at least minor ones, and also in lessening how they affect you and speeding recovery. You are not going to “wish” yourself into staying/getting well but the right mental outlook can help.


I eat one orange, one apple and one banana everyday and always wash my hands.
I use a papertowel to open doors in public washrooms when exiting.
Don’t recall the last time I was sick.


I would also look at what training I was doing, high TSS could reduce immune system. One of the main reason’s I keep track of my weekly scores. Additionally you could look at the quality of the calories you consume.


This. Washing your hands frequently and properly I think is the biggest difference you can make. It’s the main reason medical professionals aren’t sick all the time despite their exposure.


Drink lots of water. It helps to flush out your body.

Not sure there is any science to support this method of action but it is a good idea to stay hydrated. Particularly if you have a fever and are sweating etc.


Placebos aren’t used in research ‘because they can work’. They are there to act as a control for an expectation of efficacy. An active drug/treatment in a blinded trial will also be subject to the same expectation.




I am aware of the placebo effect.


Cold-Eeze Cold-eeze Cold-eeze! Also, stay away from sick people.

If you do get sick, binge watch “Better Call Saul”


It seems like a lot of people think being sick is unusual and washing your hands all day and avoiding people in normal.

Being sick is normal, it will happen. Most of the advice above is good, within reason. In reality, heavy stress, training or otherwise, will affect your immune system. Being healthy - not the same as being performant - is going to help. Hang out with people, have kids, don’t always wash your hands. You’ll get sick just like everyone else, but be resistant to disease unlike those hiding in a bubble…And you’ll have a life worth living.


Washing your hands isn’t exactly ‘being in a bubble’. It isn’t a magic way to avoid all illness - you will still get sick.

What it does do is avoid unnecessary stomach bugs and the spread of disease between people. Characterising that as overkill is really missing the point of the advice.


This. Oh my god this. If anyone has ever had norovirus and had things coming out both ends simultaneously, it really puts you on the handwashing train.



I was going to say “Keep your hands below your waist – for health, not entertainment, reasons!”, but you beat me to it.

Tip #77: only hang out with hypochondriac cyclists, they are bound to be immune suppressed but highly sanitized!