To disc or not to disc


+1 for discs, the confidence they give you descending is next level.

Appreciate you might have settled on the Scott Foil but if the weight of a disc bike is your main concern there are lighter alternatives on the market. I’ve just picked up a Canyon Ultimate medium weighing 7.5kg with 105 & DT Swiss wheels, so there’s room to drop that weight further with Ultegra / lighter wheels.


I wouldn’t lose sleep over 750g, personally. It’s a little less Gucci and you’ll get laughed out of the WeightWeenies forum, but the aero benefits of the frame should make up for the weight on most courses.


Disc, you won’t regret it.


I also picked up an Emonda last year but a rim brake version (w/ carbon wheels). Before I bought I really considered what kind of riding I was most likely going to be doing (dry, hills).

First big, fast decent I did I was sure I was going to die. White knuckle braking but with very little slowing!

Shoulda gone disc because now I’m having to reconfigure my brake/wheel set up. Also, I’ve decided to keep racing instead of just hobby/KOM riding which requires a different kind of braking.

Live & learn.


This. My guess is that in 5 years, all higher end bikes will be disc.


Or less?

Why Rim Brakes Will Be Extinct In 2 Years | GCN Tech Show Ep. 45


THIS :point_up_2:


It does when that control is available with more modulation and control.


It also assumes the rim brakes can overwhelm the grip from the tyres. In dry conditions that’s fine, but we’ve all been down a wet descent applying more, and more, and more pressure with no corresponding reduction in speed. :grimacing:


Disc brakes, without question.


FWIW I’ve got ultegra hydro discs on my Genesis Datum. 14,000km and aside from changing pads (5/6 I think?) and rotors (once, recently) I’ve not had a single issue. I was nervous too but now completely sold on discs.


2 years it is. That guy from Vision knows a lot more about it than me.


I’m not planning in go for disc any time soon, I’ve got 4 bikes at home sharing wheel set and a smart trainer, so for me disc is a no go.


I see you are in the UK like me. Have a look out of the window at the moment and I bet it’s raining where you are. Discs definitely!