To PowerMatch or not to PowerMatch?


I’ve just upgraded my Tacx Flow Smart to a Tacx Flux and it’s great!

I also have a 4iii Single Sided power meter, which I initially used with my dumb trainer, and continued to use with my Flow, as the Flow wasn’t that consistent.

For the first week of using my Flux, my PM was away on RMA repair as the battery cover snapped, so I did the following Ramp Test without it:

And a few workouts, that tracked fine:

Once it was sent back, I re-did the ramp test with the power meter and power match, bit it wasn’t a great experience!

I was just getting into this workout, when I decided to unpair the PM, and the Flux seemed to track well again:

Is it worth using Power Match with the workouts? Does it have any effect on how well the trainer manages the resistance?

(In all cases, I Zero Offset the PM via TR, and calibrate the Trainer with TR also)


On a side note, what do you think about the Flux compared to the Flow Smart (I have this)? Is it worth the cost compared to the flow?


My old man has the Neo, which is amazing! Which prompted me to try wheel off vs wheel on.

I have had the flux a while, and it’s served it’s purpose, but I enjoy the Flux a lot more! It’s a baby Neo basically.

If you’re using the Flow for power, you’ll be surprised about the accuracy compared to the Flow Smart. - Using my 4iii PM for reference, some days the Flow Smart could read 20+ watts lower, sometimes higher, and it was inconsistent. I always warmed up a bit, and calibrated the Flow, along with the pressure on my Elite Trainer tyre at 120 psi.

The feel is a lot nicer on the Flux also.

I’m glad I made the change.

Regarding if it’s “worth it”… I bought the Flow for £180 just before my wife gave birth to our first, and it got me training when I couldn’t go outside.

I had a nice bonus in my pay packet, so sold the Flow for $150 along with a spare wheel, cassette and the tire.

I kept the front wheel stand, as that comes with the Flow, but not the Flux for some reason?!

I’m now looking forward to training on the Flux, so I’d say yes it’s worth it.


Short answer: definitely power match

Long answer: I just posted this in another thread:

This is a factor of how your trainer measures power vs how your pedals measure power.

In general the power meters all give multiple readings per second and as such will fluctuate more significantly (closer to your foot the higher the fluctuation) whereas the electronic trainers are measuring resistance based on momentum and tend to be significantly smoother.

The variability you see in your second ramp test is fine - it is tracking consistently. The variability there is well within normal limits and you are staying close enough to the desired power to get the benefits


Hi, just ordered a Tacx Flux and can’t wait to get into TR proper. Question do i need a garmin ant+ to connect my garmin vector 2 pedals with my windows laptop?

Thanks in advance.


It doesn’t have to be a Garmin ANT+ dongle specifically. There are a lot of third party ones on Amazon that work great in my experience.


My Tacx Flux arrived today :white_check_mark: super easy set up for the trainer and connecting/calibrating through TrainerRoad (5 :star: ‘s) Garmin ant+ dongle connected Vector 2s pedals and HR from watch :white_check_mark:. Used power match and workout was hard but manageable :white_check_mark:
Great experience all round :+1:t2: Thanks TR


On the other hand: why hassling around with power Match?
You‘d want to perform an outdoor ftp Test anyways, because your outdoor FTP is probably different (due to indoor heat, different position, different gradients, etc.)
So why not train indoors with your indoor FTP from the trainer and outdoors with your outdoor FTP from your PM?


Totally valid, first time on a smart trainer with all rides being out doors. A ramp test didn’t fit with my plan so tried the power match. Wanted to let people looking at starting training etc that have questions how easy it was to set up :+1:t2:


A lot of people swear by it for reasons that do make sense but personally I’ve tried powermatch using a Stages and Power2Max and didn’t like it. I absolutely notice the difference in resistance swinging too much/too little as cadence/power changes whereas it’s a significantly more smoother experience when I leave it up to the KICKR. Also seems like the resistance changes are more immediate and consistent with sudden changes in the graph whereas powermatch could be a little laggy at times.


Thanks, I’ll try without today and post my thoughts :+1:t2:


Tried erg mode controlled by the flux, definitely smoother but about a 10-15 watt difference to my vector 2s, struggled to complete the intervals at prescribed power though…


I initially used power match when I first started with TrainerRoad. I have a Cycleops Hammer. I also noticed the same where the power match just wasn’t very smooth and my first ramp test went horrible using the power match. I tried again with it turned off using the Hammer’s power. Much smoother and the test went fine. Now that being said I know the Hammer reads about 10 watts higher so I just make that adjustment outside when using my P1 pedals. I think the power match function is fine on lower wattage workouts. For me though I definitely notice the difference on threshold + work.


Your vector pedals should have come with a Garmin ant+ stick, mine did.