Today on the bike #fromwhereiride


We’ve seen the bikes. We’ve seen the pain caves. Now let’s see where you ride!! Post a pic from your latest bike ride😊


Fantastic evening. Bredon Hill, UK


The other saturday I rode 339km from Sydney to Canberra

Check the Strava upload


Latest? Ok here goes - another teaser (Mt Diablo) when you ride out your door and live half-way between Lake Tahoe and the Bay Area…


Making the most of a beautiful fall day from sunup to sundown


“Recovery” ride outside from a couple of days ago.


Usual Sunday morning quick ride last week.

Most recent long ride out to Fuji.

Most recent climb.


Couple of pics from my ride last Saturday just north of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan.


Tell me you rode across that bridge


Dry Pond…a Reno Classic.


Yea it’s stronger than it appears. Not before someone else went first to check it out though!


Okok, this isn’t strictly my latest ride, but this was the other week & it’s the newest photos i’ve got. Top photo is the top of the Galibier, second is the same day, but me after doing Telegraph, Galibier & Alp D’huez… Cooked.


Desert ride… like every Friday…35 to 38 degrees … killer. Doha-Qatar


Now that is what you call a long Saturday spin…


@engineerpete Looking back at you.

Here’s the view of Bredon Hill from the Malvern ridgeline, taken on a ride a couple of weeks ago. With the number of global forum users I was amazed to see #fromwhereiride posted by another user!


Amazing day in Inverness!!