Total time on TR


Does TR log how many hours you ride?

E.g I can pull data for how many hours ridden in 2018
Then total TR rides.

Only out of pure interest. How many hours a week I average.

Or anyone know a good way to separate this out from strava,Garmin connect? As my total hours get mixed in with outdoor rides.


I know I can do it manually by looking at week data but would be time consuming and use a spreadsheet.


Nothing automatic or reported for a summary like that right now.


You can look in the career tab under past rides.
There you wil finde the number of rides you did at the top.


If I remember correctly there used to be a time trained value in the Teams member lists, but that list is now reduced to just Name, FTP and FTP/KG. So the statistic is definitely recorded, just simply not shown.