TR offices - sign needed!


In Reno for the first time in my life for a brief work trip - had some free unexpected free time, so my first thought was ‘I should figure out where the TR office is’ - only to sadly find that there is no selfie-worthy sign in front of their (cool-looking) building! To those in Kona and those busy at work in Reno, keep up the great work. :smile:


Oh no @Scott_Reynolds! I wish you knocked on the door. I know it’s locked so that’s a little awkward, but we would have let you snap a pic next to our front desk signage (sorry no cool outside signage just yet).

Here’s a peek at our inside digs since you missed it.

Next time you’re in town, be sure to reach out and we can arrange an office tour and get you hooked up with some swag! :slight_smile:


Nice office! I checked out your jobs page the other day. TR sounds and looks like a great place to work :slight_smile:


Caption contest for @chad’s pic - “hmm…how can I really mess with people?”


haha seriously, best/funniest caption wins a TR shirt. I’ll check back on Monday and pick a winner :slight_smile:




Aw, man! Can I get one for getting us started? :smile:. Pretty please?
For @Jonathan: “using these chopsticks is tougher than Spanish Needle, but my hair is still perfect!”


@Double-A we gotta play fair but I’ll see what I can do! haha.


“I think I’ll call this one…Disaster. Not like anyone will ever attempt it anyway” :wink:


“Add the one and carry the two…yep 250% ftp is reasonable.”


I really want to work there!


I decided to be bold and stop by again just now, and a few folks burning the ‘Friday well after 5 pm’ oil were nice enough to give me a brief tour. Very awesome, and thanks very much!

(Seeing the podcast space, the bike shop, and getting to see what Nate’s mtb looks like in person was fantastic!)


Indeed, I made it to the Sept open house and the TR team is fantastic too!


”If only these were cold IPA’s…”


RE: Chad’s pic: "These next two workouts I’ll call …“Crew Cut” and “Buzz Cut”. And I know just the two jokers who’ll be the first to shear.


That’s funny. You get my vote


“Disaster Day…well I’ll show them”


My company just renovated our floor last year and we have similar concept in areas. Looks like we are using the same stand up desks and we have a couple of those restaurant booths as well. However, our designer neglected one important aspect, the outlets! Just a slight oversight.

As for @chad’s caption… “Let’s see how bad I can make @Nate suffer today”


Chad: “Are they done with pictures yet? I have more new house research to do.”


Chad: “If I just loosen his headset bolt a little, I’ll definitely win the 40k TT…”