Tracking Metrics


Hi there everyone,
Does anyone have any suggestions other than TrainingPeaks on where we can record our metrics like pulse, blood pressure, injuries, sleep, general notes etc.?
I would love to use the Garmin connect app but it’s currently just not up to scratch. (Can’t add manual sleep times, only bed times etc. etc.). I have written to them with suggestions but for now what else is there to use?
Thanks and happy training.


you can add notes to the TR calendar if that’s what you mean. Just click on the day and “add annotation” then you can add what ever metrics / notes you want. you can also colour code the info so you can quickly pick out Blood pressure, Illness, ect ect


Im willing to bet this is part of the future plan for TR from recent conversations on the podcast, in the mean time you could use final surge which is free to use.


Thanks for the answers, will try Final Surge. Thought about using the TR calendar but would like something that can be looked back over at a glance and in some ways quantified. Btw. As I understood from the last podcast metrics is not something they want to do, I pretty sure that Nate said Garmin had it covered…
Thanks again.


I know that Samsung and Apple phones both have built in health apps which can do these things.