Trainer on too tight?



:flushed: 50%?! That is a LOT!


So funny!!


Vittoria (red) tire split, wore slight grove in drum, replaced with Schwalbe (blue) tire with zero further wear on the drum or tire. Highly recommend this tire.


Yes, which is why I need to set the wheel diameter in TR to over 3000 mm, instead of the standard 2096, if I want to use virtual power. If I would use road pressure in the tyres (80 PSI), turn 2-3 knobs on the roller pressure as recommended, use resistance 10/10 on the trainer and push 300 W, I would shred the tyre in no time. Low inertia, low friction, high force…

With the settings I use now, when I start pedaling, it squeaks for 30 seconds because the tyre is cold. After that it’s silent and I don’t see any wear at all on the tyre. It’s working so good that I only see cons with a wheel off trainer.