TrainerRoad 2FA? (2-Factor Authentication)



+1 for me please (preferably via google authenticator - it’s been proven that 2FA via txt can be compromised).

To those saying there’s nothing private there - think about your training routes that get imported from Strava / Garmin - it could well show exactly where you live…


+1 for 2FA



Only problem with 2FA is that it makes it a problem for the few that share account details with their coach - (which is a route @Nate has mentioned as a way to get round not having coach login in a past podcast.

I do find I spend a big chuck of my life typing in 6 digit numbers for everything though :smiley:


what in the world are we trying to protect in TR that we need 2FA? seems like major overkill, don’t need any additional steps to log in and get started with my workouts.


Neutral although more security is nice. TR on it’s own doesn’t contain much information I’m worried about. Strava definitely does show location information which can be imported. There’s an article floating around about people watching for Strava KOMs to pinpoint the bike’s home location for theft.


Agree, even if the data isn’t important to everyone you should be as secure as is reasonable


If you implement 2FA, please make it optional. I don’t use Strava and data privacy isn’t that important to me. The calendar has already made using TR more time consuming, although more valuable.

  1. Privacy zones. (Would be nice if TR honored them)
  2. Don’t start your wahoo at home.
  3. Dont end your route at home.
  4. Dont post when you are gone from home.
  5. Limit your clubs to private clubs.
  6. As of last week, I have gone private on Strava. I mean, I know I am hot but I find it highly suspect that women want to meet with me because of my cycling prowess. Pretty annoying spammers are now on Strava.

Given our outside rides are synced to TR perhaps it makes sense. Nonetheless, Strava, Garmin Connect/Wahoo and Myfitness Pal would be good candidates.


Would be kinda dumb not to start the recording on your head unit at the point where you start the outdoor ride, f. ex. at home.


I start and stop mine away from my house. I guess I’m dumb! I can live with that!


I just mean, if you don’t start the recording when you actually start the ride, you may miss some essential data about the ride (f.ex. at least a part of warmup and cooldown), which I think are also vital to be counted on the ride data, total TSS atc.


Yeah, very true. I used to worry about that extra mile or so I was missing too. I got over it. I’m ok with having privacy and not worrying about 4 TSS. My warmup usually consists of wow, this is going to be awesome and finishing is glad that’s over. I earned a beer! Id get far more from skipping the recovery beer!


+1 here for 2FA! @Nate @Bryce Hoping this makes the feature request shortlist.


Imo if it’s available you should turn it on. You have my vote :slight_smile:


+1 from me :slight_smile: