TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


@mcneese.chad I was thinking this would be a way to gain some additional real estate, especially when you’re working with the 8 week plans.

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We’ve got plans to do a “minimal” view and to have the training stress graph collapse.

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@Nate, will there be a feature added whereby clicking on a weekly TSS bar could drill down to show daily TSS bars for that week? Maybe add to the top of the pop-out window that shows that week’s workouts? Thanks.



You’re looking to see a visual representation of that week broken down into days if I’m understanding correctly.

A column chart might not be the best way to represent this. Maybe the current TSS graph on the career page would work? I like it because it shows many weeks at once, and the larger numbers to jump out at me.

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Oh, right. It’s there. Thanks, @Nate!

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This calendar is the best thing that has happened to my training. So awesome!:star_struck: :clap::trophy:


Calendar Updates: Move Plan Starts, Past Plans added to Calendar, Easier to Find "Delete Plan", and Color Tweaks
Calendar Update: New “Move Week” Feature
Calendar Updates: Copy Week, Collapse Training Stress Graph, Help Box

…and 359!!! - Good Lord! :grin:

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Leadville! I say never again but I kinda want to try for sub 8 now…



You’re insane. That’s why we love you



One thing that would be handy;
I had a fang mountain+1 ride scheduled for tomorrow, decided to do it today when i had nothing scheduled. Opened the desktop app to do the ride, saw it was scheduled for tomorrow. Could not drag and move in the desktop app, had to open web browser to move it to today and then relaunch the desktop app to execute the ride.

Would be handy to either be able to just do the ride scheduled for yesterday and assign later (couldn’t figure out how to do that without creating a duplicate) or allow for minor modifications in the desktop app.



They are adding the ability to move and edit calendar items from the PC, Mac, and mobile apps. It will effectively be possible to do the major functions from all directions.

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Did you all recently change the calendar to no longer show the green checkmarks for completed workouts? Now, for my last workout, it says “Planned”. That confused me at first because I thought “I’ve already done that one”.

I see what you were heading for. But it seems you need some form of visual indication both for “This has been done”, and “This was scheduled and also completed”.

Just more $0.02.

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Yes that confuses me as well , so I always open it to make sure. I wish it would just say skipped vs completed instead of skipped vs planned.

Also I think if I’m entering in a manual workout prior to the current date, it should automatically default to completed status.



The green check mark thing is a big and being fixed.

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All for you and Jonathan doing Leadville next year, would be amazing to see lessons learned as you are not going in “blindly” so to speak. Would be really interesting!




For this item:

Show just bike, run, swim, or other TSS on the TSS graph

Will this update only show up on the calendar or will you also be able to filter on the TSS graph that you view via the Career page. That is where I would want to see it as well, to track my total bike tss (inside and out)

Generally speaking the Career TSS chart is easier to use/view then the version in the calendar. I know they serve different needs, but how the latter has been implemented its difficult to use as easily (especially on my phone)



It will be an option on both.



Love TR, and love the new calendar…however, I have some questions, especially since I would love to dump TP and rely solely on TR. However, will TR be able to track my Swim and Runs, or just my bike events? I did a swim today and it doesn’t show in TR calendar despite being on Strava. I really need all my TSS in one place. Thanks! (I believe!!)

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Syncing in swim and run workouts are on our roadmap. I don’t have an exact ETA. In general we want to get all of our calendar roadmap done first before we take on syncing swim/run workouts in.



YEEESSSS!!! :+1::+1::+1: