TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


Brilliant idea!


Great to hear that, great news! Looking forward to that.

Don’t get me wrong with my insistence, but I see your good work, and all the potential of checking all the boxes! I have been with TR for the last 3 years, and gladly would make it my only go to training app/site/whatever! I definitely see the potential for TR to be the only one I would continue paying for, and that would be great!


It would be great to start the week on Sunday.


I’ve deleted the workouts so no screenshots but I’ve noticed a discrepancy in the weekly tss count between the app and the website. It doesn’t happen to every week but I do believe it’s associated with the outdoor workouts and maybe even specifically the swim tss values.


Or to be able to choose which day to start the week. Specially for the tri plans since trying to align the pool schedule and the optimum coach-chad designed scheduling requires me to start my week on a weird day.


It defaults to Monday but can’t you then go and shift one day?

Haven’t tried but thought it was there


Gym too? It’s less about tss but planning the week


You can pick any day of the week as the day to start the plan. Just pick the desired day and apply the plan.


I don’t need this feature myself. But the fact that Strava has it is not an answer that should be given. I for one will not use Strava, so I don’t really care what they do. TrainerRoad is a great product and it should stand alone.

Thanks Nate for all you are doing!


Sad to hear calendar syncing is delayed, but I get it. It needs to be right. If sync is messed up it can go horribly wrong fast! Saying that, the reason I want it is, all my other calendars are in one place and when I’m working out my training sessions I need to see it based on work and home calendars.

My main issue with the calendar is I don’t get any TSS for workouts. I have no power meter. I’m using a gym bike. I can estimate the TSS for an outdoor ride, and my strength sessions that sync via Strava. It seems odd I can estimate my TSS for a session where I’m told what the TSS should be.


It’s also possible to do this in Garmin Connect if you don’t use Strava.


You can in the browser and in the desktop app, but not the phone app (iOS/Mac).

I’m starting a plan on Monday but the iOS app defaults it to Tuesday and there’s no way I can sync or shift on the phone app. Have put a shout out to the support crew.


Not sure if has already been discussed.

  1. I think the Duplicate Workout workflow is unnecessarily long: press “duplicate”, click select date, click date, confirm duplication. Why not like this: click “duplicate”, select date on calendar - done?
  2. Is it possible to pre-populate the “title” field with a default title when creating an activity manually? Depending on type of workout it would be by default called “Bike” or “Run” or “Swim”. More creative users would still have an option to rename it “Sunset run with a short pee break”.
  3. When typing the duration of a manually created activity, would it be possible to type in total minutes, e.g. 75 or 120, so that the app would convert that to 1h15m or 2h? Right now users have to type in hours and minutes (not more than 60) separately.

Thank you!


Oh interesting. I’m in the browser for planning (only use the mac app to actually ride) and I can’t shift the plan by days, only by weeks. What am I missing?


One thing TR does amazingly well is keep users in the loop with upgrades and improvements. I love that we are hearing what you are working on, even when it’s not ready, because it really feels like there is stuff going on behind the scenes. I like knowing that you are aware of issues, and that you have a schedule for fixing them.


Does anyone know if they’re adding the ability to start the training week calendar on Sunday? Yes, it isn’t a deal breaker, and no it isn’t limiting by ability to workout, but every other calendar I own and interact with starts on Sunday.

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You can select specific days for the workouts but I haven’t seen the option to push or pull by day and I believe Nate said there were no immediate plans to change the beginning of the week ( eg start on Sunday vs Monday ).


So for someone wanting to start on Tuesday it’s no big deal to move that first workout but there is no way I’m aware of to start your workouts on a Sunday . Sunday will be treated as the last workout for the week, never the first.


Yes, I hate this too. It’s going to be two clicks in the very near future.

That’s a good idea, I’ll see if we can sneak this in before we start working on the new stuff.

Another good one! I’m forwarding this to a product manager.


Tagging on to the ideas for auto-default naming and the time in minutes it would be great if these could be combined - - i.e. select Run and set your time in minutes and it gets named “xx’ Run”, so “45’ Run”, “60’ Swim” etc. That’s just how I’ve been labeling my extra workouts until I have more info on them so it would help me out lol, but maybe others too :grinning:. I guess it’s doubling up on info since the time is displayed separately so at least having “Run” or “Swim” get auto-named would be good.

Another feature that would be useful is if you could colour the workout blocks like you do with the annotations to help them stand out better when you have multiple activity types kicking around.