TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


@Nate to add to this - is there any chance of a ‘multiple add’ feature (unless I’m missing it?) When I’m adding Swim sessions I’m currently just adding a generic 2000m swim and then changing it afterwards to whatever the session I did after it’s been completed.

At the moment the only way I can see to do this is to repeatedly copy any paste. If there is an easy way to copy a workout and paste it several times throughout the week before deselecting it it would make the workflow much easier.




We have some future designs that might help in this case.


Great improvement. Thanks.


Thank you :+1:


I’ve posted this under another section but more chance of it getting read here and possible actioned!

I have a touch screen on my Surface pro and a few times whilst scrolling through the calendar I’ve accidentally moved one single workout to somewhere else. Can take a while to identify it!

An “UNDO” button would be greatly appreciated, not urgent, but maybe add to the growing list of requests?


I’m starting to use the annotations a lot now for all sorts of things like nutrition notes and “life happens” stuff. Would be really useful if you could add hyperlinks to the annotation notes to reference other sources. For example I recently had a bike fit and added an annotation in the calendar. I included a link to the fit report but have to copy and paste it into a browser to follow it. Any chance hyperlinks could be made active in the annotation notes.





I am also adding site links into my notes. A “smart link” that becomes clickable direct from there would be very handy.


Yup, the clickable links would be handy - - I added links to my annotations for which plan and week I’m on for quicker access to the plan page, but have to copy/paste them like you mention.


Awesomely done, thank you!


@Nate In the calendar it’d be nice to be able to label the different workouts as “key” sessions or “supporting” sessions… that way it’d be easy to see when the key workouts are for the upcoming week.

Been able to colour code the workouts (as you can with annotations) would work just fine.


Nice! Glad runs and swims will show up in the calendar. Wonder if TSS can be added to these.

On the PC online Calendar it shows the Estimated TSS of an imported ride but on the Android calendar it is not updated and shows as 0 TSS. Probably already been brought up or part of a different thread but would be good if this was ironed out .


@Nate Will we be able to copy / paste annotations soon?


We weren’t planning on it, but we could put in a feature question for that. I’ll bring it up.





Awesome new copy and paste feature on the website calendar. Much easier to use. Nice!

A big :+1:


Any chance TR could pull in data from Matt Fitzgeralds DQS app? Given the importance of nutrition Id love to be able to view my TSS chart with a measure of diet quality.
Keep up the good work!!


No, sorry. I highly doubt he has an API to pull from and nutrition tracking is a huge can of worms once you open it.


@Nate is pulling in data from HRV4T a possibility? It would be handy to see my daily recovery score on the TR calendar. I believe TP already pull in data from there, so assume there’s an API to use.


Long term goals are to pull in as much outside tracking data as we can (including HRV) to see what impacts training/performance and what doesn’t. We have to build that system first though and the ground work for that is being laid down now.

So it’s still a bit of a ways out.


Have you made a change and started pulling the swimming data? I’m now getting times for it on the calendar (and estimated times for future swims).