TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


I had started a separate thread, but it got pushed out of sight pretty quickly so I’ll add my comment here too:

Not sure if this has been brought up yet (I did a quick check, but not a deep one), but on the calendar can there be or is there a way to have a workout show as complete, but not planned? Example, I did a couple run workouts this week on days that I didn’t have planned, but they showed up greyed out as “Skipped” along with the runs on the days that I did have planned and actually skipped. Once I check the unplanned runs off as complete they show the green check box and logged as “Planned”.

It would be nice to have the separation so when I look back I might see a trend where certain days may end up better for certain workouts either being done as planned or skipped/substituted on other days.


From what services are you planning on pulling data?

As a triathlete, this would be huge if I could consolidate down to just TrainerRoad!


Not yet, it’s still a ways out. :frowning_face:


But you can check off the “Time for Swimming, this will impact your weekly total time” item on the to do list in the initial post. It was something I’d been waiting for, by the way. Well done.


Garmin and Strava




maybe a simple one (said by someone who doesn’t have to write the code!!)

how about at the end of the plan a Plan report/summary becomes available, similar to the summary page post ride?

I would envisage it could include (completed/scheduled workouts, actual TSS/planned TSS over the entire plan and weekly, starting FTP/finishing FTP, FTP gain/loss % etc…) all in one file/summary tab and shows how you went over the course of the training plan

this would help in reviewing process goals like, remaining consistent on the plan


This is a good idea, we’ve got some ideas around this but nothing is scheduled first.


On the Training Plan pages of the site, a nice brief workout description appears when I hover the mouse over the workout. I’d like to see that in the calendar too.