TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


@Nate keep up the great work! new features are awesome.

One idea for the calendar, show actual and projected TSS averages (line graph). The same as you have different colors for actual and planned TSS, you can do the math separately for the average and show a dotted line in the feature separating both graphs in the current week.

Thanks a lot!


@Nate I’ve noticed that the iOS TrainerRoad app is really slow to update the calendar for past workouts. Really slow means it can take many minutes (5ish) to populate just 2 weeks of data. Any chance of enabling background refresh? That would solve the problem of someone opening up the TrainerRoad iOS app and the Calendar being way out of date.


5 mins is way to long, it’s around 5 seconds on my app. I would uninstall and reinstall and see if that improves.

We do have plans on making that whole sync a lot faster too, but we have to do a few other things first.


+1 on the slow updates on the ipad. (not sure the exact model but its a ipad Mini, at least 5yrs old)

it doesn’t bother me as i just workaround it but to explain the use case, i’ll typically shift workouts around/edit them etc on the laptop during the day but use the ipad in the evening for the workout. I usually open the app then continue to get ready and it will correct itself by the time i’m ready to ride. typically a few minutes.

I just put it down the the hardware and havent got cleareance from the Domestic Minister for Finance for a Ipad Pro yet :slight_smile:


one more small feature request regarding the calendar and seasons

It would be cool if each plan could auto create itself as a season, i.e if i do SSB1 then a season would auto create, then with season match i could see the progression during similar time on the same plans.


@chappo, that would need to be a user selected option. Not everyone wants to follow them that way.

And you would end up with lots of seasons to sort through for people who have done years worth of plans.

I’m not against the concept, but it will not work well for everyone, and that needs to be considered with any possible implementation.


I love the calendar, but my real issue is I can’t add the TSS to a workout that has no power meter. Chad sets the TSS before I start, and I could just be honest with myself and at least estimate the TSS based on that. My TSS for the week is always low. It only have my outdoor ride that I estimate and my other workouts that I have to estimate.


Being able to graph PBs inside a plan seems like a fine idea… but making a season sounds like the wrong way to do it.


Are there any plans for a german translation? Probably just to translate the training instructions would be great. Hard ride an translate isn´t easy - sometimes :wink:


Yes. We’ll do all the major “cycling” languages. We’re putting in the groundwork to make it happen now. It’s a pretty big project.


Thanks for your very quick answer. I´m with you, that this is a very big project. Stay on it! :muscle:


I would love to see this too. TR - don´t give up this thing forever.


Yes, we’re working on it. It’s syncing to my calendar right now.


:flushed: You´re great! TR rocks :wink:


If you ever need any help, I’m English but live in Germany so speak German and I used to live in France and therefore also speak French. Have contacts also who could also help translate stuff.
I’ve often thought about translating some of the texts for my German Friends so they then don’t have an excuse to not use TR :smile:
They could also just learn English I guess ha ha.



Some time ago I wrote about the issue of the workouts not showing in the calendar view of the app on my old iPad. After today’s workout I was surprised to see they are all there! It was either a Christmas miracle or then it is just related to the very slow sync mentioned here.


hi @Nate Just wondering if this has this been updated and if it is possible to see plan history- I seem to remember being able to look at % of plans completed?


Old plans should be populated on your calendar. But the percent of completion is not implemented yet.


There’s no percent of plan complete yet. We ran into some issue showing plans on the TSS graph at the top. We’re still working on that and that’s probably on hold for a bit.

We do have old plan start dates on your calendar as Chad said.


Is it possible to have the month down the side of the calendar as when I scroll I easily lose track of what month I am looking at? (maybe bar shaded?)

I know there is the month on top, but you can be showing a few days from that month on the top line and not realise your looking at the next month. Sometimes, as in viewing April, it can list March as it requires another scroll down to move along TSS and update to April … Alternatively shading for months would also help, so you could identify those few days as belonging to previous listed month?

Maybe an alternative to all of the above would be to have the Monday box, or all of them, showing the month along side the date (e.g. 11 18 25 showing 11 FEB 18 FEB 25 FEB) . This could be a setting to turn on/off thus not annoying those who don’t want it or any change!?