TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


Love the calender feature apart from one thing…Still can’t work out how to assign an outdoor ride to a workout (I.e. if I substitute a workout for an outdoor ride)…any ideas?


I love the new calendar and all other upgrades!

Would it be possible to make a “Equipment” database so the user could assign which bike / trainer that has been used during the workout?

By this I could track the bike’s distance / running hours and so on. Would be great… for me at least :slight_smile:


Will you be adding the ability to sync other workouts (runs, swims, strength workouts, kayaking etc) to the calendar from Garmin Connect? At the moment it only seems to sync bike workouts into the calendar. If it could sync all activities then the calendar feature could make TR a TrainingPeaks killer for me! :smile:


Import other workouts from Strava

Pretty sure I heard Nate say that the calendar will import all Garmin workouts is this correct?

I would like to compare my last years Ironman training all on the calendar with upcoming training stress. Will there be an option to import all my old multisport workouts?

Awesome calendar it is a real game changer thanks!



Nate et all, nice work, so far I like the calendar and although the rollout was “clunky” you guys responded quickly. LOVE the product & keep it up :slight_smile:


Oh the date looks fine when using the web interface. Must be an Android/Lastpass browser only issue. Probably a small edge case not worth worrying about. As you were…


Love the calendar so far. The one thing I feel is missing is an easy way to jump between months without scrolling through. The one feature I like about the Strava Training Calendar is the ability to easily navigate to different months and see an overview summary for the month. Will Nate’s comment above on future features address this? Great work so far!


Stryd metrics pulled from Garmin app.

^^^^ Yes please! Stryd’s watts would be an important starting point for running power, but the additional metrics would be cool, too.


We don’t plan on doing this. Strava does this really well. I don’t think we’d add any value doing it ourselves.


That’s on the roadmap but still a ways out. We’ve got some bigger projects to do first.

Import other workouts from Strava

We’ve got an update with that coming out soon. I just saw the design today.


Love the calendar, but… i´m playing around trying to plan my next season, i have 22 weeks until my next A race i would like to “draft” a couple alternatives combining diferrents plans.
I.e. i would love to compare haw 8 weeks of SS base compare to 2 block of traditional base.
i don´t know if it make any sense, but perhaps have the abbility to save “draft” plans before putting all in the calendar?


Copy and paste feature should be on the top of the que. thanks for great job

Merge trainer road calendar with iCal?

Hi @Nate @Jonathan @chad all the way from New Zealand. Don’t know if this has been covered yet, love the calendar, but noticed that if I do an alternative variation workout to my scheduled workout, it shows both workouts, the one I did completed and the other not, and is included in the expected weekly total tss. Is there a way in the future that if an alternative is selected it overrules and deletes the scheduled workout. Hope that makes sense.


Uow! What have you guys done to my plan? The app was quite simple, plug and play… After 2 weeks of a break, I woke up this morning to continue my training and… where is it??? I have been reading the forum for 30 min and I haven’t figured out how to solve it… Please allow users to keep the plans as they were, otherwise I am sure you will lose a lot of fans.


Yes, this would be super helpful. Duplicating TP content in TR or TR content in TP is tedious. That said, perhaps TP is not open to linking…closed API?


Never mind @Nate it’s only an issue with the Lastpass browser on my Android phone; Firefox on my desktops is working as expected.


And Garmin Connect does it even better. I’m tracking tyre and chain usage (kilometers). You just have to remember to tick what equipment you used after each ride.


Maybe I’m missing something, but before Calendar launched you were able to go back and look at all your previous plans (regardless if you completed them or stopped them early). Now, with Calendar, i can’t seem to find that feature. I liked being able to know if during a specific plan I swapped one ride out for another. For example, on Olympic Base, I swapped Week 2 Shasta for Berryessa and week 3 Shasta for Fuji. I’ve also occasionally utilized the +1/-1 variations of workouts during various plans i’ve done. I liked being able to look back and compare plan progress to see if I’m progressing the same, worse, or better than the last time I completed the plan.

Feature Request: Concept 2 devices (Calendar, separate FTP settings & .fit file import)

Anyone having issues with training plans dates moving all over the place?