TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


We’re working on an update that allows you to see your plan history on your calendar and on your TSS chart.


I haven’t heard of that issue. Could you please send info about it to


I’ve deleted my plan and re-added it in and seems to be ok now. Will email it over if I see it again. Added my whole year of plans now as well and looks to be ok.



My biggest reservation about joining TR full on was the inability to plan training, including runs and swims, on a calendar. I didn’t want to have to pay for Training Peaks and TrainerRoad because I’m cheap, I guess! Thanks for adding the calendar feature… it alone (along with the awesome training plans and apps) pushed me over the edge to finally become an annual subscriber.

I echo the sentiments of others about bringing over Stryd power data for accurate TSS calculations for running. Most everyone just estimates/calculates their swimming TSS anyway, and for now going to Stryd power center and copying their RSS calculation for each run is good enough. I am eagerly awaiting Garmin Connect or Stryd data carryover to the TR calendar when you guys can get around to it!

Question: Any plans to add ATL and TSB calculations to the charts? CTL is already there with the six week rolling TSS average, but I’ve found over the years that my ATL/TSB numbers are objectively useful info when paired with how I feel to determine if I’ve really buried myself or if I’m just being a sissy.

Thanks for a terrific product!


Want to see how CTL works when you select date of where you want your fitness to be and tells you how much TSS you need to do each day to get there.


Amen fort that. Is setting the week start to be on Sunday is planned any time soon?


Completely agree! It’s a small thing but just the way I’ve been looking at calendars all my life, it’s easier to mesh this calendar with others mentally when they are formatted the same.

Thank you Nate and the entire TR crew for continuing to add value to an already value-laden product!!!


After doing my first ‘associated ride’ I realized that I wanted to analyze the ride in the context of the replaced workout.

So planned ride had an hour at tempo and I wanted to know if my ride met that criteria. I was able to work it out but being able to see you had these power targets for this long and you hit that or higher during the group ride would be nice.


We probably won’t do it that way, but we will build features that will help you get to maximum fitness for an event.

No :frowning_face: , at least not in the near term. It’s actually tricky to do that and I think we can be more impactful with other features.

No plans for ATL/TSB, but we do have plans to get you to peak really well.


I think there is an issue with the TSS estimation calculator when inputting a manual entry in the calender. As you increase the time, the TSS per hour reduces for the same effort ie. 1 hour easy is 36 TSS therefore, you would think 2 hours would be 72 TSS and 10 hours would be 360 TSS but it is not. It shows as 67 for 2 hours and 260 for 10 hours. This shows the calculations are wrong and are only exacerbated the longer the exercise period. A case in point, once you get to 36 hours plus it estimates TSS as a minus figure.

Ive posteD this in a separate topic but was worried it would get lost in the forum.


Your NP goes down as the duration is longer for the same RPE.

All out for 1 hour = 100 TSS
All out for 2 hours can’t equal 200 TSS. If you could do that then you could maintain your threshold for 2 hours.

The same thing for an “easy” ride. You go easy for 1 hour is different than going easy for 10 hours.

That’s why it doesn’t scale linearly.


I see, so the algorithm is not broken, more it’s a flaw with the formula when dealing with rides of longer duratiations over an hour.

If a rider of 200 W ftp were to ride at a steady state of 100 W for 20 hours, recorded by a power meter, how would tss be calculated then. Would IF increase as duration increased in order to show a better assesment of TSS.?

It seems strange to me that a figure used to represent training stress goes down the longer someone is working than go up.


Yeah, I do lots of ‘other’ non bike workouts. Currently all scattered between Garmin, Strava and Training Peaks… and now TR offers an alternative.

So being able to sync with Garmin would be the bomb!!


Absolutely! Please incorporate this feature. Every calendar in my life starts on Sunday :slight_smile:


TSS is calculated by using the following formula: TSS = (sec x NP x IF)/(FTP x 3600) x 100

Look at this link if you have more doubts.


So if you rode the same 100W/.5IF for double the duration, wouldn’t the TSS double?


We’re talking about RPE, not watts.

#59 future feature? Let @chad have a rest…


Chad says this to me daily. :joy:


Really liking the new features, seems to be gearing closer and closer to be a complete product rather than having to faff with half a dozen accounts to get a complete picture of your training.
On that point, is there currently/are you developing a way to push the days planned workout to your head unit (Wahoo Bolt) so you can complete a session outdoors. The weather in the UK isn’t awful yet and I’d like to avoid my garage wall for a little longer.