TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


Hey, shame is a great motivator. A bit tough on the ego, but Nate knows I come from a place of love. <3


We’ve got long term plans for that but it’s more than a year out.


@Nate Sorry if you have already answered this - Will there be a search feature added to the calendar?


@Nate I would really appreciate if I could estimate TSS right on calendar view so I don’t need to open each workout separately.


How long should it take for a ride to update to calendar? I don’t use a power meter on my commuting bike, but I would like to estimate my TSS for calendar purposes. Often, my ride doesn’t show up at all or shows up much later in calendar, even though Strava has been updated for hours.




Yes, that would be nice. I’m going to pitch adding it to the modal.


Probably, but it’s not on the near term (one month) roadmap.


It should be almost instant. We are at the mercy of Strava though. You could try syncing Garmin Connect too, that would give us two sources to pull from and a more likely chance that it comes in quickly.


Unfortunately, these rides are not uploaded to Garmin Connect, as I’m not using a Garmin.

Have you considered an interface to Hammerhead’s “Dashboard”?


@jctonett You can sync to Strava. Are you uploading your rides to Strava?


One feature that would be nice to have is the ability to set how much is shown for each workout card in the calendar. For example, if I want to see more out weeks, selecting a “hide graphs” and/or “hide details”, which would hide the graphs/workout details on the calendar to make the days vertically shorter, and increase the number of weeks I can see. Sometimes helpful to see the overall plan in relation to other activities (travel, vacations, planned “ultra-recovery” - non-riding - weeks).
This new calendar is great. I didn’t add the plan I was finishing up because I only had a couple weeks left and I had stretched it from the normal schedule due to travel, but it didn’t take too much time or frustration to update it.
Great work, @Nate and team! Looking forward to the continued updates.


Yes. But apparently some of them are not syncing to TR Calendar. I put this morning’s ride in manually.


Ability to hide the stress chart from the top is coming.


@mcneese.chad I was thinking this would be a way to gain some additional real estate, especially when you’re working with the 8 week plans.


We’ve got plans to do a “minimal” view and to have the training stress graph collapse.


@Nate, will there be a feature added whereby clicking on a weekly TSS bar could drill down to show daily TSS bars for that week? Maybe add to the top of the pop-out window that shows that week’s workouts? Thanks.


You’re looking to see a visual representation of that week broken down into days if I’m understanding correctly.

A column chart might not be the best way to represent this. Maybe the current TSS graph on the career page would work? I like it because it shows many weeks at once, and the larger numbers to jump out at me.


Oh, right. It’s there. Thanks, @Nate!


This calendar is the best thing that has happened to my training. So awesome!:star_struck: :clap::trophy:

Calendar Updates: Move Plan Starts, Past Plans added to Calendar, Easier to Find "Delete Plan", and Color Tweaks
Calendar Update: New “Move Week” Feature
Calendar Updates: Copy Week, Collapse Training Stress Graph, Help Box

…and 359!!! - Good Lord! :grin: