TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


Don’t think so, yet. For non-TR workouts, I’ve been using hrTSS from TrainingPeaks to fill that number in.


OK - I knew syncing didn’t work but I thought manual estimation would be in there. Its no biggie, just threw me off. The first time I added it , I had a calculation but that was b/c I selected Other and not swim, so now I just use the Other category and go by time and RPE vs using the swim selection.


Keep up the cool work, you’ve now got me as an annual subscriber after being mentioned on GPlamas Youtube Peleton update and also viewing your Youtube podcast. Like the direction you are going in and being very visible.

Just another request for your ever expanding list of “to-dos”!!

Under time Zone in Profile, please can you add an option for date format.
The format Month\Day\Year has a few times thrown me, especially when creating seasons.
UK format is Day/Month/Year.
Please can this be add as an option?



Hello everyone, when are you going to put TR in Spanish? and second, you could have the calendar stick to TrainingPeaks, to have a view of the CTL that you should have at the arrival of an event and your fitness. Thank you


Hey @Nate and team, great work! On a future external calendar sync function, I’m hoping it provides options beyond just making my TrainerRoad calendar available for me to “subscribe” to from other calendar services. Rather, I’d like to have the data pushed out to an external cloud calendar or service, where it will be independently saved.

The difference? It’s important to me to know that I’ve got what amounts to a complete calendar-based diary of all my past activity and notes over the course of all years. So while I have no plans to depart TrainerRoad now, who knows if something changes on my end or yours in the future.

Thanks :pray:


Sure would be nice if my morning swim synced to the calendar…


TrainingPeaks automatically calculates your swim TSS based on your “T pace”. That said, there are calculators online which allow you to do that, and then you could manually enter the value in TR which is about the best you can do for now.

This is the swim TSS calculator that I use.


is there plan for a feature to simply slide the cursor over a workout and it pops up with the “shortened details” like when viewing workouts through the “plans” section on desktop. (the current way is having to click the workout and then clicking it again to get to the workout page…) this would be sooooooooo useful and user-friendly! :slight_smile:


Yea, the amount of times that I want to just peak at a workout to see the duration of the intervals is pretty high. Would be super nice.


The recurring events i.e. annotations would be real nice! More obvious “Start Plan” day is needed to!

I’m a shift worker and my shifts move through the week so I need to add them in order to watch out for work and workout conflicts.

Great next step list those are the 2 items I needed.


Did a quick search and couldn’t see it had been mentioned but some sort of rolling ramp rate metric. Whilst I probably could work it out myself at the moment, the ramp rate in TP is done on actual. I end up having to use a spreadsheet to manage my ramp rate of planned activities - would be great if TR could show ramp rate so I can adjust my training plans around my outside activities to manage avoiding overtraining etc.


Does the TSS chart with the calendar not serve this purpose? In particular the 6 week rolling average? Plus if you are following the plans they all have a ramp rate in them already.


Not sure how I would see the ramp rate using the 6 week TSS average without working out the change in CTL using TSS out with a calculator ? my mental arithmetic just isn’t that good :slight_smile: (ramp rate of CTL is what I am referring to)

I’m not just riding to the training plans, I ride outside as well and I would like to avoid overtraining which can be a challenge when a 200km audax can leave me with a 450TSS jump to work in and around the plans. :slight_smile:

I’ve done this before with a spreadsheet working out the ramp rates and adjusting what workouts fit in and around my planned events - automating that workflow of calculation of ramp rate in a calendar seems to be a perfect match - I can them move activities around to balance out my workload and see the result …


Def agree on this one. Very hard to instantly jump between scheduled plan start dates.

Also -be interested in know what other folk think but when I am scrolling on my iPad the calendar is jerky particularly when crossing into a new month.



Future 6 week average TSS appears to be calculated incorrectly - or at least it is for me. Everything is fine up to the current week and then it appears to be showing values that are too low.

I know that you guys aren’t keen, but I would seriously recommend implementing CTL, ATL and TSB for those who want it. Have it turned off by default so that it doesn’t clutter things up…


It’s been jerky on the iOS on iPhone for me.


Yes jerkey for me too


Long term, sorta yes :slight_smile:.


We should have released an update where we look at your browser locale to show dates in the correct format for you (mm/dd vs dd/mm). If you still see an issue please email and we’ll fix it.


We’ll probably be in spanish in the near future. If you check out your 6 week training stress average on your training stress chart that equals CTL.