TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


Oh yes, I think we can make this happen!


That’s a good idea, I just talked to Chad about this and I think it would be useful. Education and turning it on/off would be key. I need to talk to product managers and designers before we implement it.


Could you send your bug to please? We do show CTL today with the 6 week rolling average on the chart.


Nate, Thanks, I will when I have a little more time to make sure my own calculations are correct. From what I can see this week’s value is repeated as next week’s and then everything is out by a week after that.

Worth noting that 6 week daily average and CTL are NOT the same thing: CTL is an exponentially weighed average with reduces the contribution of older TSS.

Keep up the great work. A few more tweeks and I’ll be giving up my Trainingpeaks Pro account.




The calendar feature is great and I imagine will only get better with time. I’ve started to use it for all my swim/bike/run/weights sessions.

However the cumulative TSS from all those sessions makes looking at the rolling 6 week averages pretty difficult and makes looking at my historical data which was obviously just cycling redundant. Is there any chance that you can put in a filter so that I can use the calendar for planning all my training but only see the TSS in that chart rom my riding so the it fits sensibly into my historical data?

I appreciate that it’s inclusion is in the long term road map but in the meantime it would be nice to have the option to just see my cycling data.




This is coming!


Nice one :+1:


Works perfect on the calendar, DD/MM are showing for me.
Season start dates and end dates are still showing MM/DD.
I’ll submit support email.


Great job on the calendar, really.
Not sure if this is in the pipeline but it would be fantastic if we could filter annotations to see them in the graph at the top. For example to see when sick/injured, hopefully see why (maybe too much TSS etc.) and then take preventative measures for the future.
Edit: Maybe also a search function. Search for workouts etc. so can read notes and see what to and what not to do.
Thanks for everything you all do.


I’ve read someone asking the calendar to allow a training week longer than 7 days. That will be useful for me since I do shift work and follow an 8-day training week.

Please @Nate make it happen.


Just curious to why use both? I stop using training peaks and just use TR. Without a coach is there a benefit to TP? Admittedly, I’m a TP Luddite. I also found Trainerroad after I got tired of paying a coach. Maybe my view of TP is jaded.


For me the only thing keeping me using TP at the moment is a proper Performance Management Chart.


There’s no syncing of run/swim workouts into the TrainerRoad calendar. Plus it doesn’t support per-sport charting.


Got it. True, I sync my other workouts via my watch to Garmin. I really don’t track the TSS. Makes sense. Thanks.


Think that is a paid feature. Without a coach I never paid. Tell Nate and crew to get on it!


Syncing in swim

Sorry… but I’m just giggling here :laughing:


It would be cool to see your workout notes / more data when hovering the mouse over previous workouts on the calendar. Maybe a smaller scroll-able box pops up that allows you to quickly scan through your notes and other data for average power / HR etc.

This would be particularly useful in quickly scanning the weeks workout notes, to see if something has been repeating in how I feel, or to get an idea from my notes if I might be over training, for example. Currently you click the workout, click it again, new window opens, then scroll to bottom for notes. Or perhaps putting the workout notes on the first box that comes up when clicked.

I’ll be adding “other” workouts to track my strength training work, and putting sets / reps in the description box. This could be a quicker way to scan through the week and see how reps are progressing.

As of now this could be replicated using the annotation tool, taking the notes from the workout and adding them again as an annotation, but could be streamlined.

Edit: I just realized workout notes appear when looking at the “past rides” under career. Will be using this to scan notes if wondering how I felt on previous days.


I’m thinking just allow you tick tick certain annotations as viewable on the TSS graph.


Have to say, the value of the new calendar comes into focus as it fills in and workouts are checked off - It really does begin to tell a story. That said - I’m anxiously awaiting the new features - copy / paste individual workouts / annotations is paramount, particularly as plans move along. I also find some form of TSB very important. I’m doing SSB LV II and augmenting with other rides, strength training, etc., and using past weeks to inform future weeks. The TR calendar is becoming the central hub for me to do this the more I use it - I really appreciate all the work that continues to go into the platform and look forward to future updates. Great work @Nate and all!


I know you would also definitely use this :slight_smile: