TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


@Nate something else that’s been killing me recently, the lack of being able to copy,cut,paste workouts,outdoor,annotations… I think its a basic feature that needs to be implemented and will further ease the usage of the calendar to plan a season :ok_hand:


It’s already on the list of planned features (shown above) and will be added in a future update. Annotations aren’t specifically mentioned, so I don’t know if that is included. Recurring options may help for that option?


I’m seeing a “duplicate” button on the calendar now (hover over the workouts).


Holy mackerel! Say it and it appears! Quick - somebody ask for something else :grinning:


Just was on my mind, didn’t see planned features… :slight_smile:
CCP outside ride and annotations would be perfect if that was implemented.


I want to win powerball! :sunglasses:

Oh…something TR related… :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m sure @Nate can write an app for that!


And a “Delete” option right there too (instead of having to open it to remove one)

Both are available in the opened workout as well.


This is fantastic. How about for Annotations :blush:


Nothing I see yet.


duplicate seems to work for custom workouts but I am unable to duplicate a TR completed workout

edit: you can, but you need to select between planned and actual. If you completed the planned, it seems odd having to pick between the same workout.


After seeing what you wrote, I went and tried it. Nice option to have and I like that delete button on there, too.


Duplicate feature works. Hopefully a recurring feature is still planned.

I’d also request that you all test the scroll feature for iPhone users as you make updates bc I often can’t get to the bottoms of screens. It seems to be gone again for custom workouts .


Click on your outdoor ride and you get the option to match it with an indoor workout. They have to be on the same day though, but you can drag and drop indoor workouts.


Is there a timeline for running analytics/ TSS calculation for the calendar feature? Would like to ditch TP and only have to use one platform to track my workouts.


No timeline posted outside TR. We just get the line items (listed in the OP) and no timing.


Can the calendar be linked to Google Calendar so the rides feed into there?


That feature is planned:


It is a beautiful list, and everything is getting better, no doubt. I appreciate and congratulate you for the good job.

But am I missing something here, or still no automatic import of runs/swims as it happens since some time now with rides (namely the outdoor ones)? Not even in the above list?

It is everything on garmin connect, strava, etc. 5’’ after saving the activity in my fenix or edge, or whatever.

I just insist on this, because I’d love TR to be my main and only go to app/hub for everything post training wise, but for triathletes and other multisport athletes, in this 21st century of ours, it still only one more “bus stop” unfortunately.

Adding manually every other workout (run/strength/swim, etc)…? Come on! I’m puzzled how people even consider doing that. There is not even time, or patience for that matter!

I think it is not only me, for some posts I have read here, and it is a great opportunity you at TR have here, put this together as soon as possible, please!


@prc Totally with you on that one. Unfortunately, that’s why I only use Garmin Connect as my source of truth (swims, runs, strength training, etc.) although Strava is also comparable in that regard. So many damn bus stops ensuring data across Garmin, Strava, and TR.

As soon as TrainerRoad does swim and run imports (and TSS calcs) it’s off to the races! :smiley: