TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


It isn’t in the original list, but Nate did reply later on that it was on the roadmap. Unfortunately not at the top of it. I’d also like to see it.


Is there a way to view TSS in Garmin Connect?





Just looking at this now. @Nate do you shove FTP value back to Garmin connect after an FTP test??


I think at least until now, the FTP value needs to be manually updated to GC, or by changing it on your Garmin device, and then syncing the device to GC.

I think Garmin might not even let to update that automatically via other patforms, since they also have their own protocol for testing FTP, at least on some devices. But I may be, and most probably I am, wrong on this, though.


I second this! This would be awesome!


This would be a sweet feature. When adding the plan there could be an option for ‘Training week Duration’ default is 7 days but for those of us that need a bit more recovery time we could enter a different duration. E.g. 10 days. All the workouts would then the scheduled out around this. When choosing this option I guess it would be harder for the calendar to plan which days would be used for hard, moderate and easy days maybe that feature might have to be dropped when changing this


The addition, and improvements to, the calendar are amazing. I love them. Keep up the great work.

However, what I would like to see is a Garmin Connect IQ app similar to the training peaks one which would allow TR workouts to be downloaded to a watch/edge device. This would make it easier to take workouts on the road. Is there anything on the road map for this feature?

Calendar Update: Quickly Estimate Training Stress for Rides with No Power Data!

The team has been working hard and we have a few new calendar features updated (along with a lot of bug fixes).

  • Make completed workouts feel more impactful (the small green check mark isn’t enough).
    There’s now a strong green checkmark which people seem to like.
  • Show swimming in yards or meters depending on your settings
  • Copy, cut, paste workouts

Here’s a list of features coming soon

  • View races on your TSS graph
  • View plan starts on your TSS graph
  • Months (or something like that) displayed on the TSS graph to give more context.
  • Recurring events! TR, outside or annotations!
  • Time for Swimming, this will impact your weekly total time
  • Make the start of a plan more apparent on the calendar

On a less exciting note we’re going to push a few hard or less important features for a few months while we work on our desktop app upgrades. The goal is to make the desktop apps (Mac and Windows) just as good in terms of experience and features as our mobile apps.

Pushed Features

  • Show a percentage bar that represents how far you are through a plan
  • Show just bike, run, swim, or other TSS on the TSS graph
  • Select specific weeks of a plan when you add them (so you could just do weeks 4-8).
  • Specify time of day of a workout, this is for iCal/Google/Exchange sync.
  • Run/Bike/Swim breakdown in weekly summary

The one thing that I’m not super happy about is we’re going to hold off on iCal/Google/Exchange sync for now. It’s a little more complicated than we first estimated and we think we can make more people happy by focusing on making the desktop apps super awesome.


I like the redirect to PC and I am fairly certain you will make people WAY MORE HAPPY if you get Mac working on the same level.

We appreciate the update and continued consideration through the process. :smiley:


Agreed on calendar syncing…I wouldn’t use it…

One thing I’d love to see is suggested changes based on prior rides and the quality of those. Example, I start my plan, do my ramp test, get to my first SST workout and fail. The next SST workout could ‘suggest’ I do a variant of -1 or something knowing I struggled the last time.

Or I start Monday (ramp test) have SST for Tuesday but blow it off, the calendar could ‘suggest’ I replace the next ride with that missed SST.

An auto suggested ‘hey you need to adapt - here is our suggested change’ would be sweet.

Just auto coach us…please


A +1 from me to push this feature to an earlier release schedule. I train following a triathlon plan and the number of workouts makes logistics harder… would love to see my scheduled training on a calendar so I can organise my week.

Thanks for the frequent updates! They complement a great product!


I think you might have a bug in the TR offices… We’re hoping we can totally over deliver on the above scenario. We’ve got a lot of work to make it happen.



Thank you on TR for the good work.

Still, I must insist, and I thing I may not be the only multisports person around here… No integration/syncing of runs/swims/whatever activities/data from garmin, strava or where you are going to get the outdoor rides?

Once we already get outdoor rides very wellI, is that very difficult? or completelly unrelevant for TR? Like: “we are a cycling only thing, period, go somewhere else, don’t bother us” - your prerrogative, just let us know…
Nor even an estimated time for that? (If you’ll have it, that is…)


They’ve said run and swim imports are coming and are fairly high priority but as fas a I know there’s no exact timeline


I am an experienced IT professional looking to work with my passion of cycling, if you need help with all that work.


Is it possible to move entire plans around? Intuitively I feel like dragging the plan start should adjust the workouts in the plan according. Something easier than deleting the plan and re-starting it a week later, for example, would be great!


Click the […] icon on the right, and Push or Pull a week. That will move the entire plan forward or backward on the calendar.

Pull Week - will allow you to shift that week, along with all other planned workouts, up one week. This will replace the workouts in the week prior. With this, annotations will stay in their same place.

Push Week - allows you to shift a certain week, along with all following workouts, forward one week. Again, annotations will not move when making this edit.



Awesome, thank you!


I hear you. The import part is relatively easy (now that we’ve got it setup). The harder part is building an activity detail page and automatic calculation of TSS.

I believe we are going to start importing the run/swims to just get the data pretty soon, but I’m not sure when display will happen.