TrainerRoad - Can we get a final answer on smart trainer calibration with PowerMatch?


My power meter emits an ANT+ and a Bluetooth signal. Sometimes, I have my Garmin running at the same time as I am running TrainerRoad. So, my Garmin connects to my power meter via ANT+. TR, running on my Mac, displays power from power meter via a Bluetooth connection.

1 source. 2 displays. Same power, since it’s one source. That’s what i was getting at when using PowerMatch and calibration. One source = one calibration, logically.

PowerMatch = power is generated at the PowerMeter on my bike, not the trainer. TrainerRoad reads the power from my power meter, then tells the Trainer to adjust its resistance such that i continue in ERG mode at the power set by TrainerRoad’s workout. No power is being displayed FROM the Trainer. Behind the scenes, TrainerRoad is coordinating the resistance required to maintain power from the power meter and the Trainer. They’ve got this down and well developed. It works, I trust TR in this regard and PowerMatch for me works wonderfully. Now I can train and test using the same power meter inside and outside.


With the way power match works it does really well on small steps like this, so it wouldn’t be required on the ramp test with the future way.

The hard part is when the slope of the power meter and trainer are different and it’s an interval workout.


OK. I had misunderstood. I thought that you were recording power from your pm without using power match, in which case there might be a difference between what resistance the trainer provides, and what the pm actually measures.


I had thought that that rider was not using powermatch. Hence the query