TrainerRoad Cracked Me!



Admittedly this saga has reminded me of a local triathlete who’s pretty good, not great, but deals with constant nagging overuse injuries. On at least a half-dozen occasions when he’s bragged on social media about his monthly volume, followed by a lament about some new niggling injury or underperformance on race day, I’ve encouraged him to take some recovery time and try tapering before key events. After the third or fourth time where he literally said “Tapers are stupid” and “I don’t need recovery”, I and most of his other acquaintances just stopped trying. It’s reallly sad, though. He’s in his late 30s, and he’s gotten worse since I met him and now looks like many 70 year olds I’ve seen running in terms of form, albeit still somewhat faster.

TL;DR: Some folks just aren’t going to listen.


Just take a rest week. No riding. You’ll bounce back.

When you do get back on take a rest(aerobic) week every fourth week and chug along. SS is demanding, but shouldn’t destroy you. You’ve just found the line and crossed it.

I will add that a primarily 80/20 plan may be a good antidote for all the SS work, but only after you rest up.


What are you doing while riding? I have my iphone doing TR BUT I have my ipad doing Netflix and my large screen tv doing something else. Passes the time nicely but if ur only doing trainer road full time for 2+ hours and 4-5 times a week uurrmm…


Very similar to my setup: TR on the phone. Something on the TV like XCO, crit racing, cx, etc, and music.


hmmm… was hoping for some thoughtful commentary from the the Captain by now. Judging from the initial post, I’m not sure he really feels he “flew too close to the sun.” More like TR all of a sudden got boring.


Some interesting comments in the last 24 hours!
(and just for you, Crunchy! :wink: )

I should clear up a couple of things:

  1. I am not burned out, over-trained, exhausted, etc.
    Physically and mentally I’m fine – no weird heart rates, no sleeping or eating issues, no DOMS, no crankiness (beyond my normal sparkling personality). Yes, my experimental Monster Month was a tough one, but I enjoyed it, and took a week of actual Z1 recovery after the fact (vs the TR Endurance “recovery” week).
    I’m good to go. :+1:

  2. Pre-forum days, I inquired on TR’s reddit about a suitable plan for my goal (TT) and framework (9 months). The TR guys recommended: Base-Build-Base-Build-Spec. I inquired once more on the this forum after it got rolling. Same recommendation. So that’s what I scheduled. Yes, I did mod the Build phase, but only by addition/subtraction, not substitution.

Thus, my cracking is not a matter of not being able to handle what TR is dishing out, it’s a matter of eating the same thing for months on end – doing relatively the same workout again and again ad nauseam. I think the average IF for HVBase is 0.80, for SPHVBuild it’s 0.85… That means I’m spending essentially 7 months within a very narrow band…and that, dear readers, is the issue.

For example, I was scheduled to do Hunter -1 tonight – 3x20min on (kind of)/9min off 88-92%. As I made my way through the (why so long?!) warm-up, I remembered this thread: 3 x 20 mins @ sweet spot = 60mins @ sweet spot?, and decided to screw the 2 hours of flapping around and just do 1x60 @ 90%. Done and dusted, thank you very much. Saved myself 30 minutes, could have saved another 20 or so by not doing the full 30 min warm-up.

I guess this is the crossroads where I as a rider and TR user come face to face with both my own limitations as well as the limitations of the product. It’s great for a general structure if you do only Base-Build-Spec, but if you require or want anything outside of that framework… I guess it’s good that TR plans and workouts are malleable in this sense.

I fully understand that training is hard work both physically and mentally, but I didn’t sign up for this:


I’m still struggling here. You seem to have dramatically flipped from

Everything is great, I’m killing the workouts, seeing gains and want to increase my volume


This is mental torture, I feel like I’m in a forced labour camp with no end in sight.

With only one race to aim for and 9 months to go, that you always planned on filling with HV work, and that you had already been specialising further within the build phase… do you think maybe your expectations were a little unrealistic if you thought it was going to be anything other than a long slog at times?

If It’s killing you mentally then make a change, and one that is better for your top two inches. Dial down the intensity, change to a plan that gives more variation, mix things up, ride outside way more. Or maybe just go into maintenance mode for a month or two and accept that having a slightly lower FTP on race day is actually more sustainable in the longer term.


Oh, dear lord, thank you for replying! I was about resigned to having to restart reading the “Is Road Riding Dead” thread and wasn’t looking forward to that one bit :joy::joy: Really though, sounds like you’re bored. If the TSS isn’t an issue, but the monotony is, why not blow yourself up with a modified Mid-Volume plan?
Thanks for being a good sport Captain :smiley:


This has crossed my mind a few times, thinking what it will be like not when I do the same single workout again but when I do the same string of workouts in a row again.

I’ll probably just browse TR workouts for something similar but not the same to tell my brain it’s different and see if that keeps it spicy enough.

This seems to be controversial but I always believe the best training plan is the plan you’ll follow…you can always just choose a lower volume plan and either get outside the other days or just spin the TR roulette wheel for some wild indoor workout :woman_shrugging:


Maybe do a week of Disasters? :joy:

Really though, I took a wee break between base and build and did a VO2 max mini-camp. Mine was only short (a week) but others did up to a month. Might be a change of intensity and work different systems?


Sounds like boredom. I train a lot less that you, and the same happens to me.

I rode a workout (Tinker) this evening on my airdyne bike instead of the trainer just to mix things up.

Tomorrow I’ll do my strength training.

This weekend, I’ll get out on the fat bike and do some sweet spot intervals up a hill in the snow.

Then I’ll get back to doing a few rides on the trainer.

Might even go visit one of the new Zwift courses - I haven’t ridden Zwift in a while.

Point being, I’m not sure I could do workout after workout after workout on the trainer on TR.


Thanks to all for all the input. Grade A forum!

Being brand spanking new to professionally structured training (opposed to the bodge of a plan I put together last year…but it worked!), I really had no idea what to expect, I just went with it.

Now, with my exceptionally limited experience, I would organize my training differently if I had to do it all over again. The great thing is that it’s not yet over, I still have plenty of time to make plenty more mistakes! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Live and learn! :+1:


While I don’t do anything near your volume or have similar goals… Back in December the combination of new baby, work, and structured training really got to me. Such that (a week before disaster day) I opened a zwift account to just ride around and have some unstructured time without losing a load of time off the bike. I just couldn’t face the idea of whatever structured workout I was supposed to do that weekend (probably under overs). I suppose I could have ridden outdoors…but December…in Ireland… No thanks.


One of the (many) hard things about SSBHV is the monotony - someone earlier suggested doing a plus sized version of SSBMV. That might be a really nice way to break up the slog you’re currently facing while still giving you all that TSS you crave.

There’s still plenty of time to switch things up - you’re months away from your event. Adapt now


After completing Traditional MV 1, 2, and 3 I had previously scheduled SPB MV on the calendar. A few weeks out I looked at the workouts in SPB and said “oh hell no”, I need something different! Started General Build instead and one week in I’m glad I did.


If you expect to reach elite level of competence and ability in any area, doesn’t matter if it’s cycling, piano or mathematics, expect a lot of monotonous training and practice. It’s just logical.
To me, it sounds like you want to reach an elite level but don’t have the prerequisites to do so and/or don’t want to make the sacrifices needed.


This would stand true except for the fact that the monotonous training and practice to reach elite level of competence and ability in any area does not focus on such a narrowly defined discipline. Pianists don’t practice only major scales, mathematicians don’t practice only quadratic equations, etc. One does not become an elite level cyclist by spending time in only the sweet spot zone.

As the quote goes, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.


But you won’t be doing the same thing again and again because your ftp will change. Add in at no point are you expected to just use sweet spot.

It seems to me that you are angry because you are using the programmes wrong.


My FTP has zero bearing on the composition of the workouts. Doing 4x12min @SS is the same structure regardless of FTP.

SSBHV is 100% just sweet spot workouts. Are you suggesting I modify the plan?! :scream:

I am following the program which was twice recommended to me by the TR staff. Should I not trust them on their own product? :man_shrugging:


But it’s not the same workout. If I run 6 Miles at 10 minute miles it’s not having the same effect as running them at 8 minute Miles.

I’ve listened to lots of the podcasts I’ve never heard anyone regularly suggest the set up you have been suggested. As they continually say they are set up to go base, build speciality and then for you to have a rest your ftp lowers and then you have a bigger base to have a higher peak.