TrainerRoad Cracked Me!



No idea how aero I am…probably not very in the big picture. Another thought is that he could have been sandbagging a bit, e.g. not yet in top form, but considering it was a national championship race, maybe not?

And yes, totally aware of the diminishing returns of power at higher speeds. I’d still rather have more power and not use it than have less power and need it!

My sentiments, too. However, that’s what Sweet Spot Base is all about. I don’t have a problem with that, per se, but the unchanging nature of the workouts within the plan esp. if you are working outside the standard Base-Build-Spec framework. As stated, I’m now looking at how I can use TR to train for specific race requirements vs general over-all fitness; taking that off-the-rack suit and tailor fitting it.

If I’m going to do all this SS work, I have to advance the duration since the intensity isn’t changing.
E.g. Hunter – I’ll still do the 60min of SS but I don’t need 15 min to recover from each 20min interval; I’ll do 1x60 or 2x30 and spend that extra 45min either off the bike in actual rest mode or perhaps a 30min @65% block (both vs 45min @40%).

All in all, this temporary “crack” has been very enlightening and liberating. :blush:


Too many doughnuts, Cap’n?


Obviously not enough.


Sounds like the consenus is your are over training. So, I would recommend a book to read while your off the bike recovering.

Brave Athelete

It’s a good read, but get a notebook and do the exercises.


Except that by many other consensus’, I’m not over-training/over-trained.
e.g. “It’s actually pretty hard to end up over-trained if you’re riding less than 15 hours a week.” – Matt McNamara

Or I’m over-training/over-trained only by virtue of breaking the TR mold. :man_shrugging:

No changes in sleeping patterns.
No (additional) irritability.
No headaches.
No sickness.
No injury.
No increased muscle soreness/aches and pains/sensations of muscle weakness.
No heart rate issues.
No sore throat.
No failure to complete normal workouts due to fatigue.

I’ve got The Brave Athlete on my list (as well as their podcast episode).
Into Endure at the moment. :+1:


I’m not sure you’re close to physically over-trained (don’t think any of my posts suggested that I might be the only one…) but you’re likely mentally over-trained. It’s a different thing, but you need a change of pace for the brain.

Dropping into a build phase, even a modified one if you really want to keep the TSS so high, will still likely mean a (slight) drop in TSS and a big change of pace in how you’re working


Doesn’t sound like it?


+1 for The Brave Athlete. Most folk on here rave about Matt Fitzgerald’s How Bad Do You Want It?, but I found The Brave Athlete to have way more practical takeaways.


I couldn’t handle the mid volume. I didn’t get sick or anything. I was just tired all the time, and by Sunday I couldn’t complete the work outs. I concluded that I was over trained. All I can say is that I feel better now.

I’m also 34 weeks away from my A race, so I can experiment with a lot between now and then.


Only because I had unrealistic expectations of TR.
Now that I know what’s what, everything is just peachy. :smiley:

True. And I’m fleshing out a SS plan for just that reason.
There are a few hidden SS gems in the workout library, such as Monitor +5, but you really have to search.

Was also pleasantly surprised to see this thread pop up today:



Putting the final touches on my personalized 4-Week Sweet Spot Block.
Still have some WorkoutCreator bugs to iron out but here’s a snapshot:

Basically mods of already existing TR workouts.
Might drop the Monday session and need to mess with the Tuesday session.
We’ll see how it evolves.

It’s only ~10% more than SSBHV2 so not that outrageous.

It’s amazing how much motivation a refocused purpose can provide.
Last week I couldn’t bare to face yet another 10min interval and today I cranked out 4x30min with a sweaty smile! Ok…maybe more sweat than smile. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: