TrainerRoad Kits are Here!



Thats a serious price for the jersey… might get shot by the wife…

@Nate can you post measurements for the different sizes.

A Medium means different things in different parts of the world… :slight_smile:



Out of interest how would you rate the pad in the bibshorts? Comfortable for 4+ hours, Longevity?


how about some caps for those of us who don’t like looking like a FKW but want to show support?


Damn, i was in Tahoe this summer, if i’d known i would have been knocking on the door.


How come your busy responding to questions about road kits when theres a lot of questions on here from folks who subscribe and cant ride because of the app update ?


If you haven’t already done so, I would suggest emailing any problems directly to the support staff:

IIRC, Those emails get priority and attention in general over other issues.


Slim and small all around. 5’10.5" 32.5" inseam, 148lbs in that picture.


thanks foe the response…Guess I’m leaning towards Small.


Slim or Standard fit?


OP Edited to include Slim!


I ride in 2XL sized Castelli jerseys and XL bibshorts. Castelli sizes are normally a 1 size larger than you would expect.

What would the correct equivalent in the TrainerRoad jersey and bibshorts?

Thanks in advance


I added the sizing charts to the original post.


Very nice!


I could be interested in this Shane. I’m in Ballarat.


Shame - I was at an Ironman check-in last week and everyone always wears their most hardcore T-shirt from other IMs they’ve done. Showing off while trying to be subtle.

A TrainerRoad T-shirt would be a subtle way to say “I’m with TR so I’m going to beat your ass on the bike!”


I wrote Jakroo before I went to bed with my measurements and woke up with recommendations on various pieces of kit. I’ve used Jakroo before and they have excellent up front customer service. Be sure you ask them to recommend a size before you buy because then they take returns without question if they get it wrong.

Side note. I wear nothing but Assos bibs. Will I be horribly disappointed if I order the Jakroo bibs? Anyone worn both and can compare?


+1 for a T-shirt. A coffee mug would be nice too.


I’m 5’9 145lbs 34 inseam, 27.5 waist, 35.5 chest (I dont exactly fall on the size charts lol)…
You suggest getting small slim for the race suit?
Also what size would you suggest for the Long Sleeve Speed Suit (since there isn’t slim)?
And wondering if theres aero trips grooving on any of these?

I guess I’ll message the jakroo folks, but thought I’d ask from your personal experience


Another 6’6" rider here, interested in the long sleeve thermal you’re wearing in the picture. I’m about 30lb heavier at ~215, so it seems an XL makes more sense for me. However, I wear a 37" length sleeve in a dress shirt and most things long sleeve look silly unless they are a tall size.

I’m curious how you feel about the fit on the arm length.



Arm length will be short :slightly_frowning_face: . I’m OK with it.