TrainerRoad Kits are Here!



Great question. I love the mille7 bibs I picked up this year.


Great news, will be picking a set up for sure.


Thanks for the quick reply!

In case any other tall / large riders are interested…Jakroo recommended I go with the 2XL. I decided to give it a try since the arms will be longer on the +2 larger size.


@bigdaddynewt @rockrabbit I got some additional information on samples. I also wanted to expand and revise a bit (our rep at Jakroo clarified the list of info needed for sizing recommendations) on what you previously shared. Here’s a summary I’ll update the original post with so it’s easy to find for other folks:

Kit Sizing

Jakroo has an online Fit & Sizing page. There you can find information on what size kit is right for you.

If you’re still unsure about what size to get, Jakroo has a Guaranteed Sizing Recommendation policy. Under this policy, Jakroo will replace a mis-sized item, for the cost of shipping, if they recommended a size that does not fit. If you do not get a size recommendation from Jakroo, they cannot guarantee your fit.

Jakroo also has a Limited Warranty Program that applies to all items in the TrainerRoad Team Store. If you purchase a mis-sized item without a size recommendation from Jakroo, under their warranty they will not accept a return. Returns apply only for defects or faulty items only, not for sizing issues.

If you would like a sizing recommendation from Jakroo, contact with the following information:

  • Data Points needed (actual measurements, not shirt or pant size, etc.):
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Chest
  • Waist (at navel)
  • Hips
  • Inseam
  • Subjective Fit Preference: body-forming, regular, loose/comfortable
  • Items for service: (ex: Nova Jersey, Solar Pro Bib, etc)

Kit Samples
Before purchasing kit, Jakroo also has the option to request a sample kit. To request a sample kit, you need to fill out their fit kit request form and email it to

FitKit Contract (1).pdf (40.7 KB)

Note: if you go this route, Jakroo makes it clear that you will have to pay a $100 deposit before receiving your requested products. Then, once the samples are returned, you’ll get your deposit back, minus the cost of shipping and handling.


Hi Chelsea,

Will TrainerRoad be doing a 1 time order with Jakroo so we can get a volume discount? The way most groups do this is you get two weeks (or whatever) to order your kit and then get a nice big group discount because the whole order goes in at once. Then, people can order at the higher one off pricing any time after that.


Hi @Pbase, right now all athlete orders through our Jakroo team store are treated as individual “On Demand Orders”, processed immediately and sent to production. So if you wanted to set up a group buy, unfortunately there would be no volume discounting available :confused:


Email sent to jakroo

Thank you!


Just curious…Why not? It’s no work for TR. It’s just an agreement with Jakroo who know they’ll get more volume and can do a mass batch production.


How do I get a hat? Very sharp!


@Pbase I have some new info! In the near future Jakroo plans to have an automated process to help us facilitate a group buying situation. Apparently the current process is messy for all people involved. For the time being, until that’s set up, if you and bunch of other riders wanted to organize your own group buy and purchase more than 5 or 25 of any item, you could get a bulk pricing discount. In that case, your group would be responsible for one payment method, one delivery address, as well as one point of contact for the purchase, sizing questions/recommendations, and returns, if any.


That’s really odd. I’ve done group orders with Jakroo before and we never had to do that.

Ok. Thanks for the response! The kits are sweet!


@chelsea thank you the info. It’ll probably be best to take the time and give Jakroo support the measurements they need.


nevermind, found what I was looking for


Woo-hoo! My jersey just arrived! 2 weeks after I ordered it. Standard XL and it’s seriously the nicest jersey I have (collection of Pactimo and Primal club-fit jerseys from local Colorado events). The Jackroo is definitely more aero fit than my other jerseys, but I’d say it’s equivalent size to a XL Rapha Brevet jersey I have, but with longer sleeves and more comfortable . It’s not as tight in the chest which is awesome. I’m 5’10 and 182 lbs and wear 34x32 Levis 501s and a 42" sport jacket/blazer.


Thanks for sharing. I’ve been waiting for a few folks to give feedback on sizing. This is very helpful.


I got my kit this week. It looks SO cool!!! Love it.

I’m just over 5’11", 164lb, thin upper body and muscled through butt and thighs. I ordered a large bib and medium jersey. I typically would order large Rapha or Castelli bibs and medium jerseys.

The large TR bibs fit perfectly. The material is light and comfortable. It offers some compression but not overly so. I suspect they will be very good in warm weather but only got an indoor training ride so far. The chamois is not as thick as an Assos (someone was asking early how they compare) and the overall material is lighter than Assos bibs. I’d say they feel more like a Rapha Pro-Team Lightweight bib short.

The medium jersey is looser on me than a medium Rapha or Castelli aero jersey but tighter than a “club fit” jersey. I’d probably have to size down to small to get a really tight aero fit, but the medium still fits well. If you want a really tight aero fit, perhaps consider sizing down if on the border based on sizing chart. Otherwise the jersey is thin and light. It feels good on the skin without a base layer. I didn’t feel warm on my indoor trainer ride tonight and I usually only wear a thin base layer by itself on trainer rides. I think it will be a great summer outdoor jersey and will well with or without a base layer.


Thanks! That’s great info. It was me asking about Assos. I think I’ll just go with the jersey. I have sit bone issues on the trainer so definitely don’t want a thinner chamois. Thanks again!


Not sure this matters much but my Sat morning neighborhood riding buddies were super impressed with the fit and styling of my new TR jersey. So much so that we may use Jakroo to do custom jerseys for our informal neighborhood club. Y’all need to order one, regardless of if you “need” another jersey or not. Quality kit!


Do the speed suits hve pockets and how many ?


Do they deliver to Europe ?

Best regards