TrainerRoad Kits are Here!



Showing up to a group ride or local race in this kit must be a sure way to become targeted. I’d rather not reveal my secrets quite so easily :wink:


Yeah, they do


@Nate Any chance a TrainerRoad kit will be available to wear in Zwift?


Can we have a section for us to send in pictures of our accomplishments in a TR kit?


Those belong in this category.


I’d doubt it - They’re two competing platforms


Sad, but true. I do wish their was a Zwift kit though. I’m the guy who passes, then gets passed, then passes, then gets passed when doing a TR workout on Zwift. I always imagine people think I’m the worst hill climber they’ve ever seen. :joy:


If you put Zwift in trainer mode and then choose free ride (i thin k that is what its called) then your avatar will get the wattage heads up display and you’ll have the workout icon next to your name on the leaderboard. At least that way people know you are working out and not the worlds worst climber. :wink:


It doubles your points too!


I wouldn’t say that a TR kit in Zwift is impossible. There are already other kits for things like Today’s Plan, that are somewhat competitors to the Zwift plans.

I think it could happen, but would take some initiative to push for it. I would be happy to use it and have often considered changing my Z name to something with TrainerRoad, for advertising and a flag as to my odd behavior in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

TrainerRoad kit in Zwift?

In some ways they’re competing, but in others they’re not. A Zwift kit is an easy way to raise awareness, particularly for people like me who always find about things sideways. I learned about Zwift when it started appearing in my activity feed. I heard about Xert from another thread in this forum. I encountered Today’s Plan through Zwift Academy. And I heard about TrainerRoad from an automated iTunes podcast suggestion. I’m definitely a person that would see a kit in Zwift and wonder and look into what it’s advertising.


I have a friend who runs a Zwift team and got their kit in the game.

I will ask him how that happened and see if we can get it moving.


Fantastic! Thanks. I’m curious to hear what the process is.


Lol! Please e-mail Zwift and request this! :joy:


That’s exactly what I expected to hear! :cry:




TrainerRoad could start a Zwift racing team and then everyone on the team puts [TrainerRoad] after their Zwift name thats how most teams do it on Zwift to identify themselves. i.e. F. K9dad [Vision]

TrainerRoad could also sanction group workout rides doing one of their workouts in game. They could schedule SSB Mid starting on x day @ x time every M, W & F. Then they just need to designate a ride leader for them or mix it up with different people. Since it’s a group workout Zwift will keep the blob together regardless of power so who’s leading doesn’t really matter. You run the risk of people just poaching the rides for structure and its had to covey the full benefit of TR through this method.

There are a lot of other trainers/programs promoting their goods via group workouts. I’d have to check, but I think a group leader can create a workout for the group that isn’t otherwise available in game so it would protect TR’s IP.

Just some ideas, I think both platforms have their place for different purposes. Zwift can be fun to learn some race tactics (breaks, attacks, bridging, etc…)

edit: Obviously Nate would need to approve and sanction (i’d be surprised if he didn’t already think of the possibilities), but there are reasons why it wouldn’t be a good fit or want to be affiliated to them as well.


I really like the idea of a TrainerRoad racing team. Then we could show off the kit and the strength of our guns (powered by TR)


Whats the old NASCAR adage? “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” or something like that.

However it could be argued that having a team isn’t going to make you a faster cyclist and and although it might be fun it could take away from TRs core mission. Then there are intra and inter team politics, etc… If you’ve ever been on a team on the receiving end of mudslinging and needing to defend yourself it’s not fun. It’s one thing when it’s a “fun” team, but it could reflect negatively if there is a legit business behind it. And who wants that headache.

Having a cup of coffee and a clear head this morning, I think if TR would like to promote on Zwift the easiest way would be to have a weekly group ride (non workout) and broadcast the AACC podcast during the ride. There are a couple of other podcasts that do this already (Zwiftcast and Cycling Tips come to mind). It seems many new TR users came from learning about the AACC podcast first, so this would potentially allow the AACC podcast to reach a greater audience, plus it would actually be helping people become a faster cyclist and leaves all other issues with teams and group workouts at the door. I can’t tell you how many random group rides I have done where I have listened to AACC podcast myself (I can’t do it during workouts as my comprehension goes out the window when in the pain cave :sweat_smile:). This would bring everyone together for a common cause.

Technically all of the above doesn’t even need to be performed by TR staff (they have enough going on), just a couple of designated volunteers to set up the rides and lead them.

Just my 2cents, now that I have derailed this topic. Back to my :coffee:.


Although the club jersey program has been temporarily shut down, Zwift said businesses can contact the Zwift Partnerships Division to discuss making a kit available. The email is​.