TrainerRoad Kits are Here!



Is there any chance that we could get baseball caps…? Pretty please.


T-shirts would be fab too if possible :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t wear TR kit outdoors really but I definitely would wear a TR t-shirt.


I would wear a TR t-shirt too, here in Portugal :grinning:


Might be a silly question, but can someone verify for me the colors of the trainerroad kit? I’m asking because I wonder if my color settings are off…I recently ordered a jersey from a different place and had to send it back because it didn’t look anything like the picture. Is it Red and Black? Or maybe a more orangish red and black? Or something different entirely haha?
I really like the jersey!


Red and Black. white letters


Does anybody know if they ship to the UK?




Thank you


Any chance that there will be tri suits available at some point? I mean come on @Nate! Come back to your tri roots!