TrainerRoad Outside Workouts Now Push to Garmin Edge 🎉


Setup I’m going to test on my Edge 1030 in tomorrow’s workout:

  1. Create a dedicated profile, mine is “Workout”. Reasoning - limit number of data screens but not affect my “ride” data screens.

  1. Create custom workout screen as described in with one modification: I’ve added Workout Step to see how far I’m in the workout. Disable all other screens.

  1. I think I will still need a reminder what’s the power level in this interval. Hence default workout screen will be still useful (btw: pity it’s not possible to customise this screen!).

To make it’s hands free, I’ve enabled Auto scroll feature to traverse Garmin Workout -> Custom Workout -> Garmin Workout -> …

I’m really excited to test this setup. Thank you guys for making it possible!

PS: Watching today’s podcast and if I’m not mistaken, @Nate said that TR is working with Garmin on some improvements. I hope it’s (also) in area of building a better Workout screen?


I really like the custom profile. I will do that. Following dcrainmakers recent post about Garmin firmware then perhaps they will learn something from Trainerroad about releasing decent software.

is the visual graph going to expand to other Garmin computers i.e. 1030?

Awesome trainer road. I tend to do the longer training programmes outside and also this programmes I can fit in to my commute to work so this now takes away the need to manually convert of programmes in to Garmin Connect. I can’t wait to try this function. You guys ‘rock’.

I’m actually surprised the graph isn’t included on the 1030. I’m not sure if Garmin will add this functionality to the 1030 if they haven’t already through a firmware update.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah it certainly not there but I guess it’s not a real war stopper? Unless I am doing somehthing wrong on my garmin device

I believe it’s coming to the 1030 via firmware update

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I did Ainslie +1 outside on friday 14-06-2019. But the workout which has been pushed to my Garmin Edge 520 plus was a different workout then what was shown online. Instead of 5x4 min of 105% ftp it started with a interval of 4 min of 105%. After that it came up with 5 min intervals of 105% and without rest it came up with 4 min intervals of 105% right after. After the 5 and 4 minute intervals there was 4 minutes of rest. These 5 and 4 minute intervals should have been repeated 4 times.

I only did 3 of them. I didn’t want to run myself in to the ground.

I am having an issue with the sync. I have authorised/reauthorised and signed in/out of my garmin and trainerroad accounts as well as leaving the magic to happen for some time.
However, TR indicates it is going to push

and then 1-2minutes later the push has disappeared 844am.
The workout (scheduled for tomorrow) never appears in my Garmin Calendar.

Any thoughts/solutions?

I tried out the outside workouts a few days ago.
Everything worked fine but i kept getting a notice on
my garmin 1000 saying “power to low” on the occasion
i dropped out the the recommended power zone.

I have checked my garmin head unit and all auto alerts are
turn of.

Sounds legit? I think workout alerts still appear, even if your auto ones are turned off.

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@Bestevaer This is definitely an issue. I’m going to have someone try to take a look at this workout today to make sure it gets updated to the proper workout. We will let you know when it is fixed.

@briansteve77 this is very strange. Did you acknowledge the outside riding best practices pop up after re-authorizing with Garmin? If not we won’t start sending TrainerRoad outside workouts, although we shouldn’t be showing that they are scheduled for Garmin at all in that case.

If you did acknowledge the pop up, I think there is a bug that we’ll want to have an engineer take a look at.


I did one of the times but it has not reappeared since I signed in/out and reauthorised etc.

Do you want me to sign out and deauthorise again? And then start again?



I have now turned off early access, turned off all connections and signed out of everything.

I have then turned on early access and reauthorised everything all with exactly the same issue. It appears to push and then it disappears. I was not asked again to verify I will adhere to the outdoors rules.



Is it showing up in your Garmin Connect calendar on their website?

Not showing on Garmin connect iOS app or Garmin calendar on their website.

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Sorry about this, we will get an engineer to look at your account on Monday.

@ming @Brittany could one of you create an issue for this please?

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Thanks Nate. It looks awesome so can’t wait to try it - great work👏

Excelent !!! This is great…
Are there any plans in the future to also be able to push run workouts to garmin ?
I know … us triathletes giving you a hard time…

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