TrainerRoad Pricing Update - But you have until Oct 8th, 2018 to Lock in at Current Pricing


You are locked in to the current (lower) price as long as you maintain the subscription.

i.e. You will be charged $99 in Jan 2019, and all future years (assuming that you leave the subscription in place and pay every year).


Very happy to continue being locked in at my Great (?) Grandfathered pricing of 89/yr--especially with the cruddy CDN exchange rate.


@carlos if your monthly subscription is active, you’ll stay on our old pricing of $12/month. You’ll be able to keep this pricing for as long as your membership stays active.


@mcneese.chad is right. Come January, your yearly plan will renew at your current $99 rate. You’ll keep this pricing for as long as you remain on your same plan and keep an active membership.


I already selected it, thanks.


Phew! Almost missed deadline because of travel, but managed to subscribe.