TrainerRoad Referral Code Requests & Sharing

This thread is where active TrainerRoad users can contact potential users and share the Referral Codes to try TrainerRoad for 30 days.

  • Current users can post stating when they have codes to share.
  • Potential users can post stating that they would like a code.
  • Use the private message function on the forum to exchange the required info.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address

How to send a private message:

Note: Private Messages are restricted for new users. If you are new and can’t make one, tell this to the others, and one of them (that has referrals to share) will send you a message.

  1. Click the user’s avatar (round picture) and you will see some details about the user.
  2. Click the red “Message” button to start a private message to that person.
  3. Write the desired message.
  4. Click the red “Message” button to send the message.

Original Message
I’m a Zwift member thinking of making the change to TrainerRoad since I basically just do workouts on Zwift but would like to try out before I make the change I read about referral codes to try it out but can seem to find one. Does anyone know how can I get one? Thanks in advanced. Not sure if this is allowed if not please delete.

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Private message me your email address and I can send you one for a month. However there is also a 30 day money back guarantee if you sign up


Or you can pm me.

I sent you one


Received. Thanks for your help


Thanks. I just got to a machine where I can pull everything together.

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Hi ,
Can I get promo code as well please?

PM me your email and I’ll get you covered.

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I’ve got 3 referral codes available if anyone wants one


I have 3 codes as well happy to share! Message me your email. I’m not on here everyday but I’ll check as often as I can

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I can hook anyone up too. Just PM me your email.

As someone who doesn’t like his email address visible on the Web, I would suggest that people edit their posts to remove their email addresses after they receive their referral code.

I removed the posts with emails.

I recommend that people use the private message option within the forum when you share your personal info. That way you give it to only one person.

Feature request: Be able to hand out a link to give them their free month as opposed to needing to get their email.


Hmm, private message. Are there instructions for this? I see something called “Message” when I click on someone’s ID (like nju001). Never tried it. Don’t know if the recipient needs to be online at the time.

By the way, I have 3 referrals available. My timezone is currently 3 hours earlier than UTC, yes, in Europe, not quite in Russia.

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Yes, “Message” is the one you want. It is not necessary for the recipient to be online. Send your message. They will be notified of it by email amd.the forum.

I have 3 referral codes if anyone is on the fence and wants to give TR a try…

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@Stringwise I am looking to try structured workout on TrainerRoad and would love to have the referral code but not sure how to send you PM to share my email address. Cheers

I just sent you a PM. You should see it up by your name :+1:t4: