TrainerRoad Referral Code Requests & Sharing

Hi. Can you send me a code on if you have more. PLS Lars

I tried sending it to you but it says you have already signed up. I think we can only refer new members.

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That is correct. The referrals are intended for “new” TR users, not returning ones.


Hey, can you send me the code on , if you still have any left.

Hello, I was planning to start using TR rather than Zwift but the price has gone up and I am wavering! Could someone share a code with me please so I can try it out? My email address is


I’m interested in trying out TR vs. Zwift and Sufferfest. Does anyone have a referral code they wouldn’t mind sharing? As a new forum user it looks like I can’t DM anyone, so my email is


sent! Sorry about your name is wrong- put mine in by mistake. Enjoy

PM sent.

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PM sent your way.

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Hey. I’d like to give TR a try, can anyone spare a referral, please?


Any chance somebody has a code they could share with me please?

Many thanks!

@AmieWallace i have one left. sending shortly.


Thanks so much @KRino :slight_smile:

Hi @stufr. Has anyone else shared a referral code with you yet?

Hi @dbf - not yet. Would be really grateful if you had one so share.

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I’ve got one. PM me your name and email!

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I’m sending one to your email address @stufr


Great. Thank you very much @dbf

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Enjoy! And trust the program :slightly_smiling_face:

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