TrainerRoad Referral Code Requests & Sharing

Hello, I was planning to start using TR rather than Zwift but the price has gone up and I am wavering! Could someone share a code with me please so I can try it out? My email address is


I’m interested in trying out TR vs. Zwift and Sufferfest. Does anyone have a referral code they wouldn’t mind sharing? As a new forum user it looks like I can’t DM anyone, so my email is


sent! Sorry about your name is wrong- put mine in by mistake. Enjoy

PM sent.

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PM sent your way.

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Hey. I’d like to give TR a try, can anyone spare a referral, please?


Any chance somebody has a code they could share with me please?

Many thanks!

@AmieWallace i have one left. sending shortly.


Thanks so much @KRino :slight_smile:

Hi @stufr. Has anyone else shared a referral code with you yet?

Hi @dbf - not yet. Would be really grateful if you had one so share.

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I’ve got one. PM me your name and email!

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I’m sending one to your email address @stufr


Great. Thank you very much @dbf

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Enjoy! And trust the program :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Trainerroaders, I want to trial trainerroad and was wondering if anyone has a spare referral code they can send me. Much appreciated.

Shoot me a message and I can share one with you. There is a link for sharing referrals.
This thread is where active TrainerRoad users can contact potential users and share the Referral Codes to try TrainerRoad for 30 days.

Current users can post stating when they have codes to share.
Potential users can post stating that they would like a code.
Use the private message function on the forum to exchange the required info.
    First Name
    Last Name
    Email Address

How to send a private message:

Note: Private Messages are restricted for new users. If you are new and can’t make one, tell this to the others, and one of them (that has referrals to share) will send you a message.

Click the user’s avatar (round picture) and you will see some details about the user.
Click the red “Message” button to start a private message to that person.
Write the desired message.
Click the red “Message” button to send the message.
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Any Chance of a referral code please ?

PM sent!

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Anyone else have a referral code they wouldn’t mind sharing? I don’t think I can PM yet so you’ll need to send me one if you wouldn’t mind.

EDIT: Thanks everyone, but I got it now.