TrainerRoad Referrals, Made Easy


Looks like we have a more obvious indicator of Referrals we have available to share.

This is from the web interface:

Just click on the number to the right of the “Account” line and it loads directly to the Referral section. This used to take a few more steps and was not displayed.

Nice change and may help us push these out, hopefully to future subscribers :smiley:


Being able to turn off the giant red number would be nice.




I agree. The big red indicator is a little bit annoying


Might be better with a more subtle color, like blue or gray?

Red is often used as an “Alert” color for items requiring direct attention. As such, I see how red may not be the best choice here. It should be a visible flag, but one that is more easily ignored since it is a supplemental operation to our daily use.


IMHO once I look at it the notification should go away.


This is how it should work.

Something red at my account? First thought: maybe the payment has not been processed.


Turning off the red number is for closers. Get out there and push those free TR months!


If anyone wish to have their red notification go away, I’m there to help :heart_eyes::joy:

Was stupid enough not to act just before the price increase and played with the thought of trainer road ever since.


Send me a PM with your full name and email, and I will share one.

Ps, this only works if you have not been a paid TR user before.


So what is the program? Can you invite an unlimited number or people who would each get 3 free months or do you have a total of 3 free months to give away , say one month to each of three people.


You can give a free month of TR to any person who has not had a TR account. So each referral must go to a different person.

You earn replacement ones about every 3.months you maintain a TR subscription.