TrainerRoad users' bikes



I have the same Emonda. I agree, I feel like when I’m in group rides or in a race people deploy a parachute when going up hills with this bike.

Plan on getting some compact gearing for a few hill climb challenges in 2019.


Looks like the emonda sl carbon 2018 (2019 looks the same as the 18)




2014 S-Works Enduro frame
Purchased in 2016 when the frame was on close out. Built with XTR drivetrain so I could have a true opinion on XTR vs XX1 when customers asked me. This might get replaced by a Trek Slash this winter.

2018 Rocky Mountain Element
Built up from the frame. Cranks have since been warrantied to RaceFace Next R in black

2014? Specialized Venge
Original 105 drivetrain went with the Tarmac it replaced. Then the Force 22 from my Tarmac went to this before they went on my CX/ Commuter. Now I have eTap and I want Eagle eTap to come out so badly. Excuse the pregnancy pouch.

Trek Farley Ex 8- Bubblegum Monster Truck
Ordered custom stickers from slikgraphics and used pink duck tape to tubeless the rims.


2015 Specialized Diverge. She ain’t much, in fact she’s really just been a gateway drug. But I love her.


My road whip.


I have one too. Love it! Such a comfortable ride.


Welcome to the Cannondale family. :wink:


The white one is mine. The red one is Jens Voigt’s. I wish I’d known about TrainerRoad before he told me to join in as he rode by!


Tri bike, new for this season:

And my old road bike, bought used 3 or 4 years ago


I really like those Rockys, there is a good chance that will be my next MTB.


Vitus vitesse evo team edition



I’ve loved it so far- highly recommended from me!


Love that Premier bike. Is that a Torrhans bento, backwards?


Yes it is. Since I don’t have a stem it seems more aero backwards.


Yeah. I have a similar issue with my Orbea, where the stem sits beneath the top tube. I wish there was a hard bento like the Torrhans, but with the overall shape of something like darkspeedworks or xlab.

I’m thinking of printing one myself just tu try. But I haven’t figured out how to do the rubberized top.



I didn’t like the Torhans bento btw. It is pretty difficult to get things in and out of it. I only use it for full distances and for the next one I’ll be finding a different solution.