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This is so beautiful. Can’t beat a 'dale


I’m also a fan of Argon18, love the feeling of acceleration.

This is my self-build, taken apart driven to Provence and rebuilt :relaxed:


Ha! #bestcarbonadvice :+1:


Van Nicholas Zephyr.
Shimano Ultegra
Custom carbon wheels
Favero Assioma Duo pedals. The second picture is an old picture with Ultegra pedals)


That’s a beauty. How tall are you?


189 cm
Long legs and a shorter upper body.


Joining to family this Christmas. Soulrider hand made titanium. Group set will be Shimano Dura Ace 9100.


Wow, that’s a beauty! So much want…


So many beautiful bikes here! Wow! I think I need one of each. I just added gravel to my stable.


2019 Cannondale Synapse HM D/A


That is sooo slick! :boom:

(just looked 'em up – a Turkish-made bike! :tr:How did you ever find/end up with that?!)


Great bike… The True Grit is a beauty. Have you opened a beer on the ‘mech hanger’ yet?


I haven’t! Ok. Goal for tonight.


2011 Allez Sport Comp. Campy budget build but love this thing.

2012 Cannondale Slice 105 build. Enjoyed both of these bikes. Currently in the market for a cx/gravel rig.


A 2002 Merlin with a recent rebuild using a combination of 9000/9100 DA to replace an aging 7700 groupset.

Other bikes: '97 QR Tequilo and a 96 Specialized StumpJumper M2Pro. I need to take some more recent photos of these…


I am Turkish and I have been following this guy for a long time. I was planning to have my second bike and decided to go for this one. I will be visiting him this December when I go back for new year. He has some sick designs :):sunglasses:


Glad you went beer over gear!


Factor O2 pictured with: SRAM eTap, Quarq DZero, Knight 35’s and Black Inc. cockpit.

C-Dale Slice TT pictured with Enve SES 7.8’s on reserve and a HED disc, SRAM eTap aero, Quarq and KMC chain FTW lol!

Building up a gravel bike as I type…Masi, SRAM hydro, 2x mid compact with Quarq and Nox hoops! Chino grinder here I come! Pics when finished next week…


I just picked up this beauty to have something to tinker with this winter. I’ll break her down into pieces, polish everything and build her back up. Then I’ll need to find a similarly loud 80’s kit!


You need to speak to this guy about loud kits

Nice little project