TrainerRoad users' bikes



Just two bikes at the moment. I’ll have a Pivot Firebird 29 in January and perhaps a new XC bike in early 2019.


New bike day :slightly_smiling_face:

2019 Trek Domane SL Disc 5

New 105 is so nice.


My first real (non-Huffy) bike that took me from 380# to 220 when I started, now the princess chariot

Lots of fun in snow, sand, and water. Holds the KOM across the local reservoir swimming beach :+1:

My first road bike, tackled my first centuries and is now the dedicated trainer bike

happy bday to me fall 2018 from my wonderful wife. Mid-assembly pic, I apparently was too busy for a roadside pic in the few weeks after my bday before it got cold :man_shrugging:




Good taste then :ok_hand: maybe also the same ftp ? :grin:


That geography looks mighty familiar. (I promise, your name wasn’t a clue. Just a confirmation.) :smile:


Technically not yet a bike, but hopefully during the winter it will become one. It is the R3 disc 2018.


Hi Joachim. My FTP is 310. What’s yours?



Just picked her up today, 2019 S5


Awesome bike. Are those Enve 3.4s ?


My trainer-banger.


Thanks! Yep, they are.


My main squeeze (bikepacking and gravel bike - Giant Talon 29er):

Entry level Giant Contend for my road / trainer bike:


Not the lightest going up, but does it descend! Also, the hard working trainer partner :+1:


Gravel race machine / do everything bike. Allied Alfa All Road




My full custom XC racing rig pulling double duty.

I spent my first summer as a stay at home dad building her out, shaving weight, & color coordinating (even my helmet, shoes, water bottle and cage match :smirk:).


Let’s hear it, how do you like the Alfa? I’m so close to pulling the trigger, just waiting til after Christmas…


My N+1 bike: Parlee Altum Disc with Ultegra Di2, new Pioneer dual-sided power meter, Nox Composite rims with mango Chris King hubs: 7.6KG as shown in the photo