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I love the Alfa AllRoad. It’s honestly my dream bike. I wanted a gravel “race” bike that would still rip on the roads and that’s exactly what it is. It can take up to 38c tires and is full race geo. I built it with sram force 1 (44 x 10-42) and full ENVE cockpit and seat post. Specialized power saddle. I have a pair of reynolds ATR 700s for gravel and then swap to a pair or rebuilt ENVEs for road.

I also have Rotor power meter. There is NOTHING I would change about this bike.

Pull the Trigger!! You won’t be disappointed.


Is yours a 52?


it sure is.


Nice Nigel !! I’m current @257 and 70kg but i’m aiming for the 4w:kg :slight_smile:


Agreed. Beautiful. That’s the regular geometry, not the plus, right? I test rode one in LA and absolutely loved it. I was really close to buying, but at the last minute an ENVE deal I was working on fell through, plus I wanted the ability to use wider tires, so I decided to support the LBS. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


mine is the regular, not the plus.

What thoughts do you want to hear? I raced this bike and DK (21st overall, 3rd 40-44) and Gravel Worlds (20th overall). The bike handled both courses remarkably.

I’ve put about 10k miles on it this year on all kind of terrain… gravel, single track, and a lot of hilly road riding. It rips on everything.


That’s awesome man! Congratulations on your huge achievements! I have non-buyers remorse!


This is my main ride. Started following some American bike builders and really fell in love with what they were making. This is the Lolo the guys at Breadwinner Cycles built for me with as many made-in-America parts as possible. Built the wheels myself. Love this bike.

This is the current form of my Frankenbike. Not sure there’s a single original part left from the original build. SRAM Eagle on a road bike hub thanks to the new Eagle NX cassette just released.


@bensrichards I used to live 25 minutes from where you photographed the Bread Winner. Went rock climbing on the other side of the river a lot too. Some great riding out there; I miss it.


First post! I plan on doing a video blog or something of my Leadville and BC bike race adventure. My wife gave me this bike for our 10yr anniversary. I hope use it to it’s potential :+1:


@evokevin Post your video blog info on this thread, so we can follow when you kick it off.


I’m on the Virginia side of the river just a little ways west. I was able to do this as a lunch ride on weekdays for a while and it was awesome!

I’m a huge fan of the riding out around Shenandoah and there about too. The Mount Weather/Blue Mt/Naked Mt loop out near Marshall is a favorite of my friends too.

You ever come back to visit? Able to bring a bike?


I want one of those for the road when I retire or find a bag of money somewhere.


2019 s works epic.
only things changed are esi grips and quarq pm.


Gravel rig:
Lauf True Grit Race
Added an Easton Cinch Power Meter and Absolute Black 42T ring


Freaking love that build!!! I have the same wheels…bombproof!


Some amazing bikes being shared here. Here’s my modest contribution.



Nice and understated bike.
That handlebar looks serious, what is it?


Nice to see another cube. What make is the MTB?