TrainerRoad users' bikes



Yea the Cube is surprisingly rare!

The Enduro is a Propain, German direct sales company dialed towards the gravity crowd. It’s a beast, I sold my DH bike since I got this one.


2017 Specialized Allez Sprint
Ultegra 6800 group
105 left shifter
Specialized Power saddle
Quarq D Zero
ROTOR no Q rings
ENVE stem
Slam That Stem top cover
Bontrager Aerolite AL bars



Nice I see you’ve got the mcfk seatpost any good? What bars do you have?


Good looking bike! How much does it weight? I’m wondering this frame - aluminati rules :slight_smile:


It’s a Bontrager XXX barstem 40cm x 110mm. Thank you, I built it up with hill climbing in mind and while I haven’t tried it on anything worthy yet, so far it’s more than decent.

I’ve only had it for a couple of months and fit wise, it’s better than the 25mm setback CPX seatpost that came with the frame. The barstem is the Bontrager XXX 40cm x 110mm but I’ve sanded it down to remove the gloss and red that was on it.


Straight up gorgeous. Matte but not murdered. And poppin outta the golden backdrop.

TR should pick twelve bike pics from this thread each year and publish a calendar. And this should be October’s pinup. :+1:


Thank you :pray:


Such an awesome bunch of bikes I just scrolled through!

My contribution. His name is Donatello.


Love a traditional frame with DEEP wheels. Kudos!


Color is GORGEOUS!


Long live the CAAD


I LOVE my Lauf. Fantastic bike.


Dogma F10 I’ve been building for the past few months is now complete and ready for next year. Picture is from Retul bike fit a few days ago.

Most Talon Aero 1K bar and stem, Ultegra R8000 Di2, Stages L/R crank, Zipp 303 NSW.


@Batwood14 Beautiful bike, Mine is on order. 21 month wait though. I won’t see it until 2020 :persevere:


Took me 18 months to get mine…sooooooo worth the wait :metal:


I have the same one… Found it for sale for only $900 Australian dollars. Just a bit dusty and needing a service. Wanted it for a training bike and it’s now my favourite.


Which bike is that?


@deepakvrao Titanium custom bike made by


I think 17lbs with the race wheels on. Its pretty heavy compared to my buddy’s CAAD X.