TrainerRoad users' bikes



My new handbike, Quickie Shark Carbon.

In the race setup there will be a 26-inch Zipp 404 front wheel, and a footrest added. Still some work to do with the sitting position.


Forgive me if the question is ignorant, but I haven’t seen many of these or spoken to people who use them.

How’s the climbing when using these bikes, is there a limit (percentage incline) to which it’s doable and after that it’s just not doable anymore?

Thinking about muscles that are being used, weight of the bike vs traditional bikes etc.


Well, it depends on a lot of things, that how steap hills one can climb.

Those are f.ex. the disability the person has and how it affects on the upper body strength, and the gear ratio one has on the bike.

What comes to me, currently the lightest gear on my bike is 39-32 and the 26-inch wheel, and I’ve been able to climb a little over 10% climbs. But of course, if you use a smaller gear ratio, you will be able to climb steaper hills.


Ah oke, thanks for painting the picture for me.
Is there a lot of development for these type of bikes?
Not only in terms of materials but also frame geometry or drive train mechanics


Yeah, the companies are constantly daveloping the frames in terms of aerodynamics, weight distribution etc. That’s why we usually tend to change bikes every few years.

The drivetrain components are mostly the same that are used in bicycles, except the lot longer chains we have because of the frame geometry needed. F.ex. in my bike I have Sram RED eTap derailleurs on both ends of the drivetrain.


2019 Rocky Mountain Element C50

And my trusty Rocky Mountain Vertex 930


Fetish No.1 is a Venge ViAS, Sagan superstar edition.
Best possible bike, as it makes me want to ride. Disc / tubless specific wheelset from MCFK, Rotor power meter…
…have no intention to switch to the new Venge, far not as sexy IMO.


Thats a good lookin’ bike!


I’ve got an Emonda ALR, my first bike that I bought a size too large. It’s recently been resurrected using some spare parts and a -17 140 stem to get it closer inline with my desired fit.

My main bike is a SuperSix Evo Hi Mod.

And I also have an old steel Trek as a beater/commuter.


From Reno’s own Roland Della Santa




Lovely :ok_hand: Quite a selection of components with SRAM Etap, Rotor Aldhu chainset and DT Swiss wheels!


Finally took a proper picture of my gravel whip. 2017 Norco Search Carbon Ultegra.

(Cameo by the Chicago skyline in the background, for the win!)


Is that an SRM on the crank?

Can you hook it up to a smart trainer?


You know what they say, if you ain’t got the power, look good at least…


Yes, that is an SRM. It connects to the smart trainers via ANT+ protocol.


Here’s my 3

Cannondale Systemsix
Cervelo P2C
Trek Fuel Ex 8


EVO ultegra

Power tap + HED alloy training wheels.


Allied bikes are so sexy. Haven’t seen paint I like more.