TrainerRoad users' bikes




Just completed. First ride of the new year will be a test ride :heart_eyes:


Best looking bike on here so far. Great spec too.


True… But I just bought the Assioma pedals, so now want to do a lot more outdoor riding.

In addition, this road bike has been a constant thorn in my side. Sloppy shifting, despite replacing derailleur hanger, using DAG tool, replacing cassette & chain, ongoing issues with fit… Have come across a couple of others now also complaining about the Defy range being poorly engineered and having issues with shifting (one person experiencing ongoing issues despite upgrading entire groupset to Ultegra), quick release skewers warping, etc.


I’ve got a set of those exact wheels on order for a allez sprint frame I’m building up. What tires are you running and if they are tubeless, how was the setup? Awesome bike too!


Hey @Jccave78 awesome, I was looking at the allez sprint disc, look like such great bikes.
The wheels are awesome. I am running them with tubeless Schwalbe pro ones 25 front and 28 rear. Measure at 28 and 30 at 70psi, still plenty of clearance on the tarmac which is partly why I chose it.
Mounting them the 28 went on just with hands and took a little wiggling but then inflated no problems. The 25 was quite tight but snapped on with a little lever use on the last bit, and the. Inflated straight away with floor pump.
I have been meaning to try taking them off too as thought having a practise at home before I need to do it road side is a good idea.


My main race machine.

My winter/climbing bike

The Cross bike. Dirty post race pic.


Arrived on Christmas Eve – 2019 Canyon Endurace CF SL 8.0 in Flash Blue

And my trusty Specialized Diverge


Specialized allez with hed jet 6 clinchers. Ultimate privateer machine.


Love that blue paint.


New gravel bike built with new Trek Checkpoint ALR frame, Ultegra Di2 1 x 11 with hydro disc, Dura Ace crank with Absolute Black oval chainring, Bontrager RXL wheels, WTB Nano 40mm tyres, Pro flared gravel bars and a Redshift Shockstop stem. Mixture of old and new bits but rides so well, Redshift stem is amazing, also loving the ability to carry 4 full size bottles.


Stage one of dream bike build has been completed. Installed the front brake yesterday but need to wait on some special parts for the rest. Some people go out and party on New Year’s Eve while I much prefer to wrench on the bike and call it a night early


Love that CAADX. I’m in the market for a gravel/commuting rig but want to keep a similar fit to my Defy that I currently have.


@tribuddha was the Tririg Omega straightforward to install?


Derosa Protos (2017)…until I build up a Cannondale caad12 using this bike’s groupset, wheels, bar, and stem. While this is a great bike, it turned out to be too small for me (look at the spacers).


For the most part. The biggest issue I had was running the brake cables and housing through the alpha x. The key was to run the cables first then thread the housing up through the cables and into the base bars. Also for the Felt IA you need to use all three provided spacers between the brake and the frame. Otherwise, it was a breeze.


I can’t speak for the geo of the Defy and how it compares to the X, but I will tell you that this is my favorite bike I’ve ever owned. When I got it, I stopped riding my carbon roadie and just swapped between road and gravel wheelsets accordingly. I ended up selling the roadie and rode the X exclusively for about two years before I got the CAAD12, but I still prefer the X. In fact, I already plan on making it my “main” bike again this year. The 12 will only be used for the fastest group rides since I don’t road race.

In other words, I can’t say enough good things about the CAADX. Mine is a workhorse.


I was fitted and the Defy was the preferred geometry for me. I’ve loved it. I am now in the market for a similar geometry so I can commute to work off major highways and also to ride in local gravel events. The Cannondale Topstone is pretty nice as is the price point.


Here is my first (and only) road bike - a 2014 Giant TCR road bike with Ultegra components and a left side Stages crank. Upgrades include a narrower handlebar (after a bike fit) and a Astute saddle.

I am considering upgrading to carbon handlebars (for better comfort on the roads), perhaps the ones from Enve. I am running the Contential 4000S II tires and will upgrade to the 5000 series in the spring when I convert to tubeless.


That is a pretty bike, @racewheels! How do you like the aluminum frame?