TrainerRoad users' bikes



How narrow?
I’m running 40s now but thinking of going down to 38s. Bike came with 42s, it was like driving a bus!


Nice ride! I think my next tires will be the Nanos (although the olive drab Panaracers are a contender). Once my Redshift shock stop post comes I’ll probably get their stem.


New ride!


Thanks @slimjet !

I love the feel of the frame, running 40mm tyres at low pressures gives plenty of comfort and it feels plenty stiff enough laterally. I do tend to gravitate towards metal bikes (steel/alloy/titanium) so I might be a bit biased but so far I love it!


Thanks @GravelNut !

Yeah, I’m keen on those olive drab Panaracers as well, don’t think they’d work particularly well with the frame colour but it almost doesn’t matter, those tyres are super cool!

I highly recommend the Redshift stem, makes such a difference to comfort and front end grip. I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on the seat post.


Same here - bike came with 42s and had shoulder/neck pain and was resolved with a bike fit with a shorter stem and going down to 40cm for the handlebars. At the time, I wish I knew about carbon aero bars, which may be the next upgrade (although I will stick with the 40s) On the 2018 Levi’s GranFondo, lots of road vibration tired out my arms over the 6 hours. I think lowering tire pressure and more compliant bars will help here.


The first batches of the post are set to ship next month (originally they were supposed to ship November last year but there was a last minute design change that delayed production - hopefully they won’t be delayed again :crossed_fingers:). When I get it I’ll let you know though :slight_smile:


This is the wife’s. Such a cool bike. She just finished her first ride on the Neo 2 and Zwift. We have a Kickr 17 and both wondered if the Neo was broken when she first hit the cobbles :slight_smile:



Thanks hanyo66! It really pops in person, in the sun. Not glossy, but not totally matte. More like “satin”.


Right now I’m riding Niner:
Road/Commuter - Niner RLT9

Mountain Bike - Niner Air 9 Carbon

Both of which see TrainerRoad duty in the winter:


My road bike is a 2013 Cannondale Supersix Evo Hi Mod Team - I’ve owned it since new and it’s been super reliable and rewarding to ride to this day. I may never part with it!

Mountain bike is a 2018 Giant Anthem 29er

I’ve ordered a 2019 Giant Revolt Advanced 0 gravel bike that I will get in the spring.


Main weapon.
Got a Caad for winter fun and a Scale for slidey fun.


Is that the volt green color? It looks less yellow in your picture than on the trek website.


Welcome to the Aluminati

your membership pack is in the mail :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude, your body position must be crazy on this bike. I love the wheels.


My Allez “The Mistress” and my Tarmac “The Side Chick”. I use my Domane on the trainer.


As you can see it’s nothing too extreme. I’ve actually thought about going longer as I feel a little cramped when tucked down riding hard.


The guy across the street has a “Superman” logo on his driveway…

You’re in Texas right?


Yes and yes


No where else looks like here, between the pickups, the trees and the concrete curbs, you can always spot Texas. :wink:

How do you like those stands? They are the “Pro” stands right?