TrainerRoad users' bikes



Yes, I really like them. Very easy to move around, allowing me to move my bikes easily.



@Zissou where does Stayer source their “Stayer” hoops? Comments? Always looking for something different…


Today was a new bike day for me :hugs:



Yeah it’s the Volt Green, pic was edited a bit so could explain the different appearance. The colour is a bit more yellow in real life.


Porn :metal:t3:


That blue is fantastic. What cassette is that? with what RD?



My primary ride

2017 BMC Track Machine 02 (at the top of Mandeville Canyon Rd in LA), 6048 miles on it in 2018 - currently going to paint for a new look for 2019

The trainer bike

China Carbon frame (essentially a 2016 Cervelo R5), 3 seasons in and 8000+ miles and no issues.


I have the same bike, same paint scheme, and just ordered the same wheels! How do you like the Jet 6s, and what size tires are you running?


@Landis Believe they are Taiwan, much like everyone else. They are higher grade carbon than the cheap carbon wheels. They are awesome- very light and quick. I’m quite light so don’t put them under too much stress but think they’d struggle with more powerful/heavier riders maybe.


Apologies for the non-drive side photo, but there’s a wall there! Been loving this bike, it’s way faster than I am.


its beautiful. As a total newb - what is it (I see its a BMC but wonder about the model, etc).


Thanks deepakvrao ! The cassette is the ultegra 11-34 CS-8000 and the RD is ultegra RD-8000 long cage, non-clutch.


It’s a 2015 BMC TM01 TimeMachine with some aluminum brake track Zipp 404/808. Not sure about their year because I bought the whole package on EBay for like 2800 bucks from a guy who used it maybe 10 times. You can save a lot of money by going used.


I’ve resisted looking on Ebay for the fear of finding something as awesome as that for a price as awesome as that. Thanks for the details. Have you raced on it yet?


Yeah I did a triathlon on it last year. I went way faster than I deserved based on my power output. I was shocked.


Flippin’ love the HED jet 6s (plus version with standard spoke count).
Can not fault these wheels. Fast on the flats and climbs of 5-6% where you’d still be doing 30ish km/h, for me they lose their aero advantage when the going gets much steeper than that but still light enough to not hold you back.
I run 23mm gp 4000s as HED say it’s the fastest tyre on these wheels, it actually measures 25mm.


My two favorites.


What TrainerRoad plans did you follow for the event? I am considering doing it in 2020.