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My apologies for the late reply.
There is a chance I’ll be coming out in April. My friend will lend me one of his bikes (he has 8). If it pans out I’ll send you a PM :slightly_smiling_face:


My one and only: A Domane w/ HED Jet 6+ wheels. The frame rides so smooth, and the wheels have to be the best value out there. Not pictured: a recently added Power2Max with red accents to match :slight_smile:


It’s a holiday in the US, and out of an abundance of boredom I thought I would post a thread of all my bikes in one spot (…also, avoiding that ramp test I have scheduled for today)

First up…my Cervelo Dual. Which I haven’t ridden in over 10 years. But I keep it because the minute I sell it, I’m sure I will get the itch to do triathlons again. Still has all the stock parts – shows you what I knew about bikes back then :wink:

Next, the ‘hipstermobile’ - All City Nature Boy 853 :metal: It’s steel. It’s single speed. It’s hard to even show up in public on this thing without a craft beer in my hand. True story: I had to bribe the guy at the bike shop with Bourbon to even agree to sell it to me because I don’t have a calf tattoo. He felt like he was breaking ranks and violating some bearded code by letting me walk out with it.
I’m constantly changing the bottle cages, bar tape, pedals, bags, saddle, etc., to accent it. It’s like a dress up doll for dudes with the N+1 sickness…

Next… “The Looker” a Norco Search Carbon with many upgrades – this is my race-ready gravel whip and all around handsome fellow. I bought this guy in a semi-rushed panic after my GT Grade Carbon Ultegra (R.I.P) met its untimely end in an explosion of carbon fiber after a high-speed collision with a distracted driver behind the wheel of a Mercedes. I made it to the E.R. and recovered, but all the king’s horses and all the king’s men have no way to stitch up busted carbon. With that being said, and despite this being a hasty purchase – this dude rides like a dream and fits like a glove…

Last, ahem, is “College Tuition” – a custom, titanium Firefly Road Disc – there is no justification for it. I’m semi-embarrassed to even ride it (…but not really) As Ferris Bueller once said, “If you have the means, I highly recommend it…” – no way to post a picture of this without feeling kind of like a dick. It’s just sooooo cool, though :wink:

Coming soon: a Yeti SB100 (or perhaps a Specialized Epic Evo…I’m still wringing my hands, stressing, obsessing)

Happy MLK Jr. Day – N+1 forever :biking_man:


Just did a service and brake bleed on my Cube so thought I would stick a picture up!

It’s a 2016 c:68 zero black model. Weighs about the same as an XC bike (11.5kg) but has 150/140mm travel and full XTR di2.


New Wheels


The TT bike - goes fast in straight lines and not much else. Setup with Enve 6.7s and I throw a disc cover on when I’m racing it


CAAD12 - SRAM Red, Enve 4.5s on Continental 5000 TLs. This was my everyday race machine for the past 18 months or so. Great ride. Currently setup for rides around town with the salt and grime on the roads

SystemSix - Ultegra Di2. Stock setup except for swapping a longer stem (120mm). Haven’t really ridden it much yet - roads are a mess and I don’t want to take the new bike out on them. Little bit of steerer tube showing since I’m not sure if I’ll like it this slammed, although my fitter swears it’ll work for me. Also need some more aesthetically pleasing cages



Road Bike: 2009 Trek Madone 5.2

Gravel Bike: 2018 Specialized Diverge Comp.


Just bought myself a new frame and looking at what I’m gonna finish it off with, opinions gratefully received.


That’s hot.


I’ve already posted previously but wanted to show off my new wheels, on my ribble aero. Prime RR50 from wiggle, now to wait until nice weather. Anyone used them before?


The project is now almost finished. I still need to find the correct saddle position and the front end height.


Just built this up today! It replaces a first generation C-Dale Slice.


Purchased from my brother who rode it 2x. It will serve as my commuter/gravel bike.


Finally I got the negative 12 degree spacer for the 120mm stem. So now I’m ready for the outdoor season to kick in😎


I think 17.5 with the race wheels and without garmin or saddle bag. The allez is a little heavier than its counterpart the CAAD 12.


Good looking bike! Listening to the wind tunnel podcast it makes complete sense to own a venge rather than a tarmac. Do you know what the weight is looking like in this build just for curiosity sake? Thanks.


What a beast :ok_hand:


Thanks. The weight on this standard Sworks setup is 7,13 kg. It’s a size 56 and I have opted for 120 mm stem.


My CX race bike, here shown in its gravel configuration.