TrainerRoad users' bikes



Hi chaps,

A Giant Trinity TT bike and a Giant XTC Advanced 29’er for me… (the Trinity now has a Quarq and Q ring set up though)


TrainerRoad acolyte since 2014. Not possible to get anything done without TR!

My old race bike is now my OTT fixed-gear commuter. BMC Timemachine02 with a very spinny gear.

And for racing/training my Planet X Exo3, love that eTap!


I voted for the log, not the bike. Sorry! :rofl:




Custom steel bike, carbon fork, Ultegra r8000, and 28mm tires. I’ve since put oval AbsoluteBlack chainrings on it.


That ride, and usually 49-17. I’ll go 49-16 for our group rides


Merida Scultura 6000 in Triathlon mode.


Those are the highest seatposts I’ve ever seen!


Custom javelin for my cross bike. It handles sick!


Fellow Synapse owner here. Loved it since I got it at the end of 2015 and finding it hard to figure out what I’d like next other than the new Synapse!


2017 Fuji Roubaix 1.1 Disc


2011 Trek Madone 5.2

2018 Trek Crockett 7


Cannondale SuperX Force1 Team Custom, set up for gravel racing with e13 TRS Race 9-46 cassette, Mavic Allroad Pro wheels, Mavic 40c Allroad XL tires, Easton E100 bars, 44T SpideRing chainring, SupaCaz Bar tape

Cannondale Jekyll 29 Custom Painted with Industry Nine Enduro 305 wheels, all custom decals from, Grip2 36 set to 160mm, XO1 Carbon cranks w/34T Chainring, WTB Vigilante 2.5/Judge 2.4 Tough High Grip tires

Both bikes are fully protected with SunTek Ultra 8mil paint protection film and coated with Sonax Spray & Seal Hydrophobic sealant


Santa Cruz Hightower for the technical stuff
Santa Cruz Stigmata for everything and then some!

Felt AR FRD for the speedy stuff


Nice. I’m currently running a 48x16 commuter after a few years of 50x15. Knees say thank you!


I tried running 49-16 commuting, but there is almost always a prevailing wind and a couple of climbs that made it unpleasant and grindy. I give up a few km/h but when your age starts with “5” knees get balky. It’s OK to run 16 or even 15 in group rides with the assistance (and to keep up)


Love the HT and the Stigmata! There isn’t enough Santa Cruz in here, so I’ll add some more.

XC race bike SC Blur

SC Highball AL

Kona Jake The Snake


Hey @TheStevenLewis I’m guessing that’s the long cage force derailleur on the SuperX? I’ve got the shorter cage one and was wondering if I could get away with a 40 or 42 cassette on the back.


Yes @Wazm it is the “long” cage on my SuperX, you are not going to get even a 40T on the mid-cage version of the Force1 derailleur. It’s hard limit really is 36T.


Great thanks for that! You saved me $100 and a fair amount of frustration.